Thursday, September 25, 2014

AlphabeThursday - S is for Sashing

I’m on the next step of my crazy quilt, which I wrote about two weeks ago for my Q post .  Sashing!  I’ve sewn a top sash and a bottom sash onto each block and connected the rows using the bottom sash.

 Now I need to fold the top sash over the bottom, to cover all the raw edges.  I’m using my favorite stitch; it’s a flower or maybe a star.  This will probably take some time, since I’ll be sewing on both sides of the strips. 

Pictured above, I’ve sewn only on the right side.  I hope to have my quilt finished by the time the weather gets cold.  Which gives me about a month.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

AlphabeThursday - Q is for Quilting

This past weekend was super busy.  I painted (one coat) my workroom from a dark red to white, and finally finished another step in my crazy quilt.  If you don’t remember, I’ve been sewing a shortcut quilt, where you first quilt the top, bottom and batting together into single blocks.  It’s a method invented, I believe, by Marguerita McManus.

I broke down and bought a 16” square on Amazon, since I knew it would be much easier to cut with a square the size of the finished block. 

 Here’s what some look like.  Next step is to attached the blocks with vertical sashing, then horizontal.  The last step is to wrap the whole quilt with binding.  See the pink post-it?  It’s a marker.  Before I trimmed the blocks, I laid them out to make my final design. 

And this it what it looks like.  I hope to have the quilt completed for my bed by wintertime.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

AlphabeThursday - P is for Princess

I sat down one Sunday after my house got broken into and took out my art journal.  I’ve been in a funk - just haven’t been feeling like doing any artwork

All I could think of was, “I will not be an enabler anymore.”  (Long story)  And that’s what I wrote, over and over.  Then I added blocks of paper, sprayed with my mini-misters (first time to use them; they’re great), scattered around some inexpensive cardboard flowers and glued down a princess that I saved from one of my “Year of the Fairy Tale” lessons.    

Still, I wasn’t happy.  Would I ever be? 

 I’d seen others scrape gesso on top of pages with credit cards, and change their artwork into  backgrounds.  So I tried that, except no gesso on my princess and flowers! 

 Later I added a “grass” bottom and wrote inside the blocks.  And finally walked away from my art table.  Moral of the story: remember to leave unwanted baggage in the background and move on.      

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

AlphabeThursday - O is for Oval

I’ve been looking at lots of 0000s recently.  Actually, I was afraid of being a victim of identity theft.  Someone broke into my house; didn’t steal much but I wasn’t sure if they got into my paperwork.  So, I was on the phone for hours, reading credit card numbers to “bank representatives.” 

I also wanted to make sure no one took any mail from the mailbox.   (FYI: I found out if you want to stop receiving those credit card checks that come in the mail, you can call them and request they stop sending them!)  I did decide to get a post office box.  I’ll be removing my mailbox from off the side of the house shortly (another suggestion) so only MY mail is delivered to my PO Box, not my ex-husband’s!  New habits to form…

The other thing I did was request my three online credit reports.  Another friend suggested this to me, and I’m glad he did.  It’s the first time I’ve done this.  If you can stomach looking at all the paperwork, I recommend you do it too.   It’s free, once a year.  The best place to go is Annual Credit  They walk you through, step by step.  If you want to print the information off like I did, be sure to have a lot of printer paper handy!  I made a spread sheet to look at everything, because again, there were a lot of 0000s in a row!

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