Sunday, April 13, 2008

To repair or not to repair

After people compliment me on my jewelry at craft shows, many ask if I can repair their necklaces. Great - that's all I need to worry about! Should I take them up on it? What would you do?

Before you go any further, see the piece in person before you make any promises.
It could be a simple problem, like restringing beads or an easy soldering job.

Exchange phone numbers. If you're too busy, let them call you.

Tell them your hourly rate, and don't be shy. Basically, if your designing your own jewelry like me, you're doing them a favor in repairing their broken pieces.

I recently met a woman a few months ago at a craft fair. She liked my handmade jewelry, and especially was taken with my treasure necklaces. I thought I had a sale! Then she told me one of her necklaces broke while she was traveling. All the pieces were in a bag. Could I fix it for her? Well, I was a little peeved at first, but told her to call me and gave her a card.

Last Monday she called, and I met her at my work. We discussed what had happened, and the whole necklace needed restringing. She had liked my work so much, she told me just to do what I thought was best, and use as many pieces as possible. And she gave me some extra turquoise she had. I told her about Etsy. She was excited to hear about an online community of handmade artists, and jotted down the web address.

Moral of the story: what goes around, comes around. I think I did a good deed, and we all came out happy.

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Nora said...

Good for you! Beautiful necklace, btw.

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