Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Etsybloggers' Carnival

For Mother's Day: a bedtime story
I think the most endearing thing my mother ever gave me was her time. When I was very young, we would get together every evening, close to bedtime, and read a book.

(an all-time favorite - what's yours?)

I remember I could hardly wait to continue the story, and listen to her soothing voice as I fell asleep. Thank you Mom, for instilling in me the love of books and words.


Carmen said...

Oh yes! I loved "Charlotte's Web"!! I just remembered how the teacher reading it to us pronounced the name of Fern's brother as "Ivory" so for years I thought he was named after the soap. Boy, was I confused when I finally read the book for myself and realized that his name was actually "Avery". And I love how Charlotte was able to change the lives of those around her by the simple act of making something. Better living through crafts! Go Charlotte!
Thank you for sharing and I love your blog!!!

Serendipity Collections said...

You certainly said it - time and love are the best gifts! I couldn't help thinking of my own beloved mother who also gave me her time and instilled in me also a love of books and words!


Miss B said...

This is a true classic. As a grown up, I've discovered that E.B White has lots of wonderful writing for adults...he practically defined the style of the New Yorker. I'm currently reading a collection of his essays. Great pick!

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