Sunday, April 20, 2008

storytellers and storybeader

My business and etsy store name, storybeader, originated with a storyteller I saw a few years ago. She was similiar to this Zuni figurine made by Venita Tsipa.
(You can find more of Venita's beadwork at

I decided to look on etsy, and see what kind of storytellers were out there. These are some of my favorites:

Here is a spirit stone created by Tree Pruitt. She has it in her etsy shop, mysticgriffin, at

This next favorite is a necklace - it's body and fringe is 11" long. Created by Carol at wildeyeddesign. (

You've got to check this out!

There were two prints I especially liked - one is by Olga Sugden at goldeneggsnest (left) ( ); the other is by stefanivance (right) (

I've got to tell you more about the storybeader, and what SHE'S all about, but for right now, have fun looking at all the great artwork!

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