Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Jeweler's Work Space

Since the etsybloggers were talking about our workplaces as a topic for carnival, I thought I might show off my workroom, aka my living room. This used to be our dining room table (above), before I took it over for my work table.

The computer has become an crucial part of my jewelry design and business. I now purchase supplies and research online, sell on Etsy (of course), use money exchanges (like PayPal and Propay) and play with layout and design, all using my desktop. I love my computer. I started out with a desktop around the turn of the century :-) , then went mobile with a laptop. After my laptop froze up, I returned to the familiar desktop and printer setup. I like having the widescreen now - better for playing on my blog.

But enough about my computer hardware/software.

Since my handiwork was taking over the house, my husband graciously gave me his tool chest to use.
I store my Etsy shop items in one drawer - ready to whip out and send in the mail to customers.

I have my scales and shipping supplies handy, all in the tool chest.

And of course my beads take up a few drawers.

I usually take out different containers of beads with an idea in mind. I choose the beads and test how they look together on a multi-strand bead board and mat. I know some people can sit in front of the television, doing their handiwork, but I need magnification and a flat surface.

When I complete a piece, I take a few photographs. I either lay the item out on stone, or wrap the necklace around a large gourd.

I finish writing my haiku, and do my figuring -what did the materials cost and how much time did it take.

Then I place the piece on Etsy, or give it up for consignment.

I put all the information into my workbooks - photos, material descriptions, my haiku, etc. This is a very important step and I recommend it to other artists. You can use these workbooks to trace your progress and compare projects.
Well, that's my space. Where do you hang out?


moonmystic said...

Waaaay too organized for me. ;)

FaerieRebecca said...

Fantastic space. Maybe I'll have to post mine up... hmmm

SpottedCow said...

That's a great idea to use the tool chest as a storage space. You have a very generous husband. Mine is always looking for more of those tool chests as an excuse to add to his collection. LOL

Waterrose said...

Looks like you have a creative space!

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Seeing others workspaces is so much fun. I love the way the sun shines on your work table. You can get some great photos of your work w/sun like that! Here its so hot for 6+ months of the year, I can only get out for about 1 photo session w/o having to jump in the pool or shower!

I will be posting the evolution of my studio once I am finished moving. Waiting on hubby to do some things in there for me so I can finish moving, so I'd say I will be posting is about 2011! LOL

I see you buy from FMG too...

Thanks for sharing.


Andrea said...

What a nice sunny spot to work! The tool chest is a nice idea.

Paul Sears Photography said...

Yup, you're absolutely right - our house is the same way! Our table (formerly known as dining room table) is now my work station where I mat up prints, prepare them for shipping, and work on the computer getting my site in order (all the time). And there are mats and shipping materials all over the living room... Oh well, at least it's fun, and the mrs. has been cool with it so far!

Jen said...

wow, what a great space! i envy you!!! love the idea of the workbooks, too. i keep all my files/pics/etc on the computer but like the idea of having a tangible hardcopy history as well. thanks for sharing, and thanks for leaving a comment on my own post!

Miss B said...

Your space shows your dedication to your craft! Its really professional looking. (and I agree that i could never do my work while watching tv!)
Thanks for sharing your space!

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