Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lovin the Craft...

...that’s one of the themes for the June 23rd Etsybloggers Carnival: What kind of crafts do we do for ourselves. “Is your home filled with your creations? Do you make your own clothes, jewelry, etc.? If so, why not show off your favorite item you kept for yourself.”

I sat down at the computer to write about this serious topic, and realized that my jewelry surrounds me. I didn’t notice it before, but I hang my work all around the house.

I have a few favorites. My turtle treasure necklace (above) has to be my most favorite - it's for sale on Etsy. I priced it high; someday, someone will come along and buy it, and I‘ll be sad to see it go. I‘ll just have to make another to be my favorite.

I started out making jewelry in the first place a few years ago because I couldn't find a turquoise necklace to wear! Yes, me! working in a museum in the southwest, and I couldn't find a turquoise necklace. Luckily, there was a bead store in town at the time and I made a chipped, double strand necklace (that's it to the left; sorry, my photo skills weren't the best back then.) After a few compliments on my handiwork, I decided to make more jewelry - for family and friends. The great thing about beading is, you can make pieces to fit the person who will wear it.

BTW, I sold this necklace a few months ago - just had it out at a craft fair, and someone wanted it. I couldn’t deny the sale. Now I miss it. Come to think of it, I’ll have to make another. {:-Deb


Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

I enjoyed visiting your space. Thank you for sharing.

Come to think of it, I hang my creations everywhere too. I sold a piece about a month ago, it took me two days to find it...I was going crazy!


ParadisebytheSea said...

Enjoyable carnival read and nice jewelry! Thank you.

The Wildfire: Gifts and Decor said...

I think the bear looks fabulous :)
Great creations!
Thanks for participating!

knitting dragonfly said...

Good post, your necklaces are wonderful.

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Love the bear model!

I find wearing my stuff is good advertising, besides, a girl should treat herself sometimes :)

Stormy Designs said...

Great read, love your work. Thanks for participating.

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