Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour of the Farm

Here’s a short tour of The Farm.
Look how green the front yard is! Mitch has been waterin
g. I think he got all those cockle burrs (or whatever they’re called) out of the grass. Still wouldn’t trust running around barefoot here.

The garden - getting a little out of hand, eh?

Mom, of course, is explaining something {:-D

The fruit trees are getting big!
Hey, Mitch is pointing too. Is that genetics?

Looking west, towards the house from the garden area. Typical Oklahoma farmhouse... from the outside. Mitch had a special name for the entrance to the garden. Those are roses in the two wood columns. It’s a little hot outside for roses in Oklahoma right now.

He made a bunch of walking paths on the property, and is showing Deb around. The paths are large enough for a truck and trailer to pull through and clear brush, etc. I’m tagging along behind - didn’t want to make people stop, so there’s a lot of views of people’s behinds. Sorry {:-(

Here's the tree house Mitch built for Judd. We went up, OF COURSE. The ladder’s not tied down, but it’s safe, Mitch says. Got to believe your big brother! And there's the usual cut-outs for the tree to breathe. Looks like some new branches are sprouting.

Well, we all got down safely. Here's the backside of the barn, and the end of the tour.


Athena said...

Great place! We have no roses here, either, though I don't think it's from the heat (we just have horrible luck with them).

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

I love old homes, barns, and such. The greenery looks inviting. Seemed like it would be a peaceful place to take slow walks, and to listen to the night critters.


TNT2008 said...

Yikes, we called them sticker burrs when we were kids and we always had to detach when we left Grandpas.

It looks so great and what fun it must be!

Mama Z said...

Love the pictures! It makes me miss my home state of IN. I've been in CA for 6 years and I think it's been 6 years since I heard anyone say the word cockle burrs! :) Thanks for making me smile! said...

What a beautiful farm, I love the plushness of it all. The trails, the tree-house, all so wonderful. For some reason now I want a tall glass of iced-tea with a slice of lemon.

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