Monday, August 11, 2008

Max is in a Treasury!

Max the Cat thanks ToteNTots for including him in his first treasury! Meow!

And the best thing of all, starting Wed., when the Etsybloggers Anniversary Sale begins, Max is ½ off.

That's $37 /2 = $18.50

You can see the treasury on Etsy until it closes on August 13th Wed, 8:22PM. Anytime after that, it will be available for viewing on storybeader's flickr.

Etsybloggers Rock!


about denise said...

Max certainly deserves to be in a treasury. I like him. I'm sure he'll find a home. ;)

Cozy said...

It looks as if Max is all there to me.

(not half off)

I know, I know you can roll your eyes. My kids always do when Mom tries to make a silly joke.

Like you I am looking forward to the sale this week.

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Cozy...I am LingOL, didn't even consider the eye thing! LOL

Good luck Max.


Athena said...

Congrats to Max! :) And good luck with your sale, too!

roseworksjewelry said...

Max is sooo cute! I don't think I'd noticed that piece before - congrats on making it into the treasury Max!

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