Monday, September 29, 2008

being tagged

I was tagged by La Baleine a Plumes

Being tagged means I have to reveal six secrets about myself,
or the "boogie man" is gonna get me.

I don't know about that - but I'll play along.

It was hard for me to think of six secrets, but after racking my brains,
I've come up with:
1. I made my bed every morning, till I got married.
2. I separate the utensils into different sections in the dishwasher cradle.
3. I hate chain letters, pyramid schemes, and games like this! urgh
4. I know Stormy's real name, and I'm not telling {:-D
5. I used to be a neat freak, and now I just don't care...
6. I have to read at least a book a month, or I get depressed.

That was hard, and OK, it was kinda fun.

So, with that I need to tag six other people and pass this on.
With the help of fellow etsybloggers, I think I secured six names
who haven't participated (or accepted the challenge) yet:

1. spottedcowsoaps
2. scottieacres
4. akeepersjackpot
5. ToteNTots

Sunday, September 28, 2008

using ScribeFire

here is a photo I use for advertising:

How easy is ScribeFire?

On a one to ten scale, maybe 5.
But I have to admit, I didn't take any tutorial for the software.
Stormy says it's easy, so let's see if I can link to her shop.
Yes, there's a link button. Can't mess that up!

Will I be able to add pics? So I tried...
No, not real sure how to add a photo, with the button, but you can

drag and drop from your desktop.
(haven't figured out how to wrap around a photo with text either - even though the icon looks like it can wrap.)

Can I add html text? What about bringing in an Etsy Mini with html text?
When I went to Etsy, the ScribeFire stayed on the bottom of my screen.
That was wierd!

I tried add an Etsy Mini html...No!

So at the moment, I say "OK ScribeFire.
There's a big screen, unlike Dashboard. And I love that.
But the real question is, will it publish?" Here goes!
note: no photo! and added labels (keywords) after.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sept 29th Etsybloggers carnival: What I did on my summer vacation

I chose the second of two topics offered by A Keeper's Jackpot for this carnival:

"In summery" ;-) get it? Instead of summary... Sum up what you did this summer. Highlights, activities, vacations. Things you accomplished.
so, my here's my post for "What I Did On My Summer Vacation..."

I visited with family and friends..

read some good books ...

completed and mailed two commissioned pieces ...

learned more about Project
Wonderful (thanks Stormy) and
youtube (thanks Magdelene Jewels)

and, of course, designed more jewelry. These two pieces were made in August and sold last week at the Art 'N Action Festival.

All said, it was a great summer!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book Review: Following the Harvest, by Fred Harris

Following the Harvest is a touching story of a boy's coming of age in the summer of 1943, as he travels with a harvesting crew. We are introduced to an array of people through Will, the main character and narrator. The crew, who start out from southwest Oklahoma, include Will’s father and his dad's best friend, a couple (Bonnie and Burford) who cook and maintain the equipment, a hired hand, and two of Will's older cousins from Mississippi. The cousins, "Sailor" and Troy, who everyone called "Spider," show up in Sailor's 1937 Plymouth, known to all as the "Green Lizard." On their trek north, Will becomes Sailor's driving partner.

Along the way, "a couple of Texas historical markers stopped us. Sailor and I did the usual and cut out of the parade to read the signs." The language Will uses to describe their journey is analogous to a cattle drive. He tells about how "they pulled up stakes and hightail[ed] it north." As the caravan of vehicles climb out of the Canadian River Valley, they see Dumas in the distance: "Tall, white concrete elevators and a big silver water tower marked its skyline on the horizon."

Will picks up a book in a rock house their first night out, called How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. I thought that was funny, since I just ran across that title in a box of donated books at work. And Bonnie reads her True Romance magazines. Many obstacles are put in Will's path, but at the end of their journey, he returns home a man.

Senator Fred Harris is a prolific writer of non-fiction and has two other novels, Coyote Revenge & Easy Pickin's. Anyone familiar with Harris' background, as I am, can see that he is very similar to his main character. Will is interested in becoming a lawyer when he grows up, and is from a small farming community in southwest Oklahoma, just like Senator Harris. The book has numerous storylines running through it, including Native American and Great Plains history. And Harris is a fantastic storyteller. I highly recommend this book.

For more great titles, see the bookshelf at the bottom of the page {:-D

Monday, September 15, 2008

etsybloggers carnival - September 15, 2008

Welcome to the September 15, 2008 edition of etsybloggers. With the help of a trusty Stormy, Storybeader brings you a record number of submission for our carnival: [drum roll] 57!

The carnival topics were:
1) pick a favorite color, and show it in your work, or
2) tell about a challenge or contest you've been in, how it's done, and what kind of reaction you got

So, with that said, let's rock out:

agoodwitchtoo presents Green is My Favorite Color posted at The Copper Cauldron.

Senora Muertos/Alecia House presents Etsy bloggers Street Team/Blog Carnival post about my favorite color red posted at SENORA MUERTOS

MagdaleneJewels presents Weekly Carnival Blog posted at Magdalene Jewels

Melissa Sinisgalli presents Favorite Color? posted at Made By Melissa.

Yazmin presents Etsy Blogger's Carnival: Glitz Lounge Challenges posted at A Pretty Rock Jewelry - blog.

Maureen Blakeley Impawsible To Resist presents Etsy Bloggers Team Blog Carnival for Sept. 2008 - Color posted at Impawsible To Resist.

hadesigns presents I LOVE blue!!!! ...and chocolate tags give away... posted at ha! designs.

cardsbyjenna presents Cards By Jenna: ~Pretty Purples~ posted at Cards By Jenna.

craftyjuicebroker presents Bluesy Girl… « Corner Lot Creations posted at Corner Lot Creations.

Stacy Gibbs presents Blog Carnival posted at The Fancy Fritter.

Alicia Mae presents A challenge posted at AliciaMae's Xanga.

lazytcrochet presents Classic Black posted at LazyTcrochet.

Janet Reddick presents My Favorite Color posted at Sky Girl Style.

Sassa Lynne presents Pick a favorite color, and show it in your work posted at Sassa's Blog Carnival.

A Keeper's Jackpot presents Pool Girl posted at A Keeper's Jackpot.

Five Dot Design presents Color me happy posted at Five Dot Design.

Lily Wrey presents etsyBloggers September 15th Blog Carnival posted at TuLips Talking.

Athena Workman presents September 15 Etsybloggers Blog Carnival: Contest! posted at the weblog of artist athena workman.

miesmama presents 'fraidy cat friday! posted at miesmama.

shellmitchell presents My Favorite Color is Black posted at Shell Mitchell Accessories and Design.

mamashai presents Blog Carnival - Green and purple!!! posted at Shais Creations.

Heather presents My Favorite Color: Blue (Blog Carnival- EtsyBloggers) posted at Heather's Custom Sewing.

Healingstones presents The many colours of Jasper posted at Healingstones.

Heather Lewis presents Favorite colors: What I like to craft with posted at Adventures in Vintage.

rosemari roast presents A Declaration posted at What I Made Today.

Two Zany Zebras presents What's your color? posted at Two Zany Zebras.

Margaret Chayka presents If Color Expresses Mood, My Banner is Depressed posted at Crafty Chef Graphics Foodie & Craft Blog.

Scribble Nation presents Vote for Frida!! posted at Vote For Frida!

Melinda Beatty presents whiter than white posted at My Aphrodite Jewelry.

Kathy Johnston (Cozy) presents My World is Blue posted at A Cozy Life.

Waxela Sananda presents Blog Carnival posted at SpiritMama Art and Soul.

Vanessa presents Purple, Purple & More Purple! posted at Designs by Vanessa.

Kala Pohl presents A Few of My Favorite Things - The Color Turquoise posted at Kala Pohl Studio.

Freeforged Jewelry presents Green posted at Freeforged.

BeadedTail presents All About Purple! posted at beadedtail.

storybeader presents Etsybloggers Team Carnival - the Handmade Showcase posted at Stroll Through Storyland.

Rose Works Jewelry presents My Favorite Color <3 posted at A Peek into the Magic of Creating.

Jimena presents Yellow... posted at Panoptica.

Ellen Behm presents Midnight Blue for the Evening posted at Down the Street Creations.

Brandy presents Colors, Colors Everywhere! posted at Wyles Style.

Gloria Gangi presents September Blog Carnival posted at All Things Handmade.

Dayna Williamson presents favorite color posted at Scottie Acres.

Nora Demirjian presents My favorite color is.... posted at Nora's Blog.

Becky presents What Color Means to Me posted at The Fab Miss B.

kkennedydesigns presents Favorite colors posted at treehouse musings

Handemade by Linda presents love u card posted at handmade by linda.

Nancy presents A Favorite Color posted at NanjoDogz.

JerseyGirlDesign presents Blog Carnival...September 15th edition posted at .:JerseyGirlDesign:..

Kelly Drill presents Blues... posted at Macaroni and Glue.

Linda Wheelock presents I Was the Winner of a Holiday Website Contest posted at Spotted Cow Soaps.

Brandi Morgan presents My favorite color is...... posted at The Creative Princess.

Tina presents I Love..... posted at Treasures by Tina.

Linda Pare presents Roses are Red posted at crafts from the heart.

Glorybe1024 presents In the Pink! posted at Lucky Ladybug Designs

nikki presents It's not easy... being green posted at

stevie presents Rhapsody in Blue posted at SugarLoveHoney.

Erika presents Winning in Texas posted at TOTE-N-TOTS.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
etsybloggers using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our
blog carnival index page

Monday, September 8, 2008

Etsybloggers Team Carnival - the Handmade Showcase

One of the etsybloggers carnival topics this week is: tell about a challenge or contest you've been in. I wanted to tell all my etsyblogger friends about this great giveaway, called the Handmade Showcase. I think that counts as a challenge, and it's what I had in mind, when I chose the topic!

The Handmade Showcase is all about "introducing independent artists, crafters, and designers from around the Web through interviews and giveaways."

Here's how it works:
1) set aside an item from your shop under $30 for your giveaway.
2) then convo cozysister on Etsy, or email her at
If cozysister agrees with your choice, she will contact you with a list of rules, and questions for her interview. Just answer her questions. First come, first serve.

My showcase took place August 13th - 27th. As I remember, it wasn't too long of a wait, maybe a few weeks. When the days arrive, get the word out! Tell everyone to visit the site. The interview and photographs picked by cozysister are available for everyone to see. Great advertising! Participates go to your Etsy shop, pick their favorite piece, then come back and comment on the blog. The winner of the giveaway is chosen by a random drawing of the comments. This is all explained in full on the blog, here (scroll down). The only bad thing I saw, was that the giveaway was opened to US citizens only.

I remember a lot of you participated, and I thank you for that. Actually, I found out about the site from commenting on a Showcase featuring Scottie Acres. On my Showcase, there were over 150 comments at the end of the week! Like Wow Man! The neat thing for me about this whole experience was to see what people liked. Of course, some people picked my favorites, but then others chose an array of different items. It's kinda like getting hearts on Etsy, but in one great weekly flood! And it reminds you that there are a lot of people out there, and everyone has different tastes.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This week's Meet the Press

OK - you political junkies out there. Did anybody see Meet the Press, with Tom Brokaw?

Joe Biden and Thomas Friedman were on - two of my favorite men in political life today. I have to admit, Joe was my first choice for President, but I'm glad to see him on the Democratic ticket with Barack.

Friedman's new book, Hot, Flat and Crowded is his latest look at life on the planet. He is writing about what is needed in the United States, ET (no, not the creature from outer space), Energy Technology. What a great Meet the Press. All that was missing was Tim Russert.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

cyrusthepotter on Etsy

When I first opened my shop on Etsy, I was very excited to check out the other artists who were selling there. What a different atmosphere than Ebay! One shop I came upon, that is still a favorite, is called cyrusthepotter.

In his shop profile, Cyrus tells us this is his fifth year as a professional artist. After graduating with a degree in fine arts, he established a studio in Pine River, Minnesota.

"Along with creating a wide range of functional ceramic work I have explored other application of the medium including architectural installation through a percent for arts grant from the Northwest Technical college in Bemidji. I was also invited to do a solo show at the North Dakota Museum Of Art in Grand Forks North Dakota where I combined traditional pottery forms with found objects to create still life installations, and parings of complimentary materials, mainly discarded rusted metal pieces and pottery forms.

Currently I am experimenting with interior applications, including sinks, tiles, and making bricks along with producing a range of functional shapes from bowls to bottles and more elaborate decorative compositions of forms."

These bottle trios have to be my favorites. There's something about a round bottle fitting snugly right up against another, that makes me estatic. Why can't people get along, like these bottles? There are both traditional and non-traditional items in Cyrus' shop - you need to link on over, and if you're like me, he will soon become a favorite of yours, too.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Featured Etsyblogger

joeyandaleethea was chosen as September's Featured EtsyBlogger.

Sandra is someone who deserves recognition, for sure: she has a really fun shop, keeps up with her (recently) growing family, and acts as Administrator, and glue, for the Etsybloggers. I think everybody was quite taken back, in her ability to talk the Etsy staff into putting our team in the Storque, and giving lots of us a chance to being on the front page!

The best way of introducing you to Sandra, is to show some of the neat things in her shop. First thing that strikes you when you enter, is her banner - you can tell you're in for some fun.

Her little monsters are all over the place - on shirt and pants - even on a new blanket. They’re so cute! Nothing to be scared of.

I’m kinda attached to Sonny the Monster, myself.

You can tell she’s a mom, making things for other mothers. Her sections include: feed the baby, burp the baby, change the baby, rock the baby, and be cool with the baby. Since I don’t have babies around, I decided that I’d look around in the last section. But you decide for yourself.

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