Monday, September 29, 2008

being tagged

I was tagged by La Baleine a Plumes

Being tagged means I have to reveal six secrets about myself,
or the "boogie man" is gonna get me.

I don't know about that - but I'll play along.

It was hard for me to think of six secrets, but after racking my brains,
I've come up with:
1. I made my bed every morning, till I got married.
2. I separate the utensils into different sections in the dishwasher cradle.
3. I hate chain letters, pyramid schemes, and games like this! urgh
4. I know Stormy's real name, and I'm not telling {:-D
5. I used to be a neat freak, and now I just don't care...
6. I have to read at least a book a month, or I get depressed.

That was hard, and OK, it was kinda fun.

So, with that I need to tag six other people and pass this on.
With the help of fellow etsybloggers, I think I secured six names
who haven't participated (or accepted the challenge) yet:

1. spottedcowsoaps
2. scottieacres
4. akeepersjackpot
5. ToteNTots


agoodwitchtoo said...

I stopped making my bed the day I moved out of my parents. When I got married... my husband started making it :)

BeadedTail said...

Great secrets! I, too, have to read at least a book a month - that's a necessity!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Thanks for sharing - can we bribe Stormy's name out of you?
I can never not be reading - I read a book a week - sometimes sitting up to 3am - hate fiction!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Yeah, I gave up on making the bed when I got married too. Hard to make the bed when someone's still in it LOL. And its not like he's gonna make it :)

Carapace said...

I've never understood the bed making thing. I mean, I have to shake out the sheets and thump the bed for scorpions at night anyway, so why bother? It's like hanging clothes up right side out!

Tulip's Talking said...

Story, I am so glad you participated. The comments are LOL funny!

DH thinks making the bed is pulling the bedspread up and over the pillows. Leaves great space between the mattress and pillows for the furbabies to cave. He just leaves the sheet and blanket where they were. Hey, if you can't see it, its not there!

I wish I could read again. I don't have time now that there is a weekly contest to beat last weeks promo thread!

BTW, I too know Stormy's real name, and she knows mine too! Mum!


Tulip's Talking said...

Oh yeah, and I know Joey's real name, and she knows mine too. Mum again! :O)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I get depressed when I don't read too!

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