Monday, December 22, 2008

Did you StumbleUpon It?

Has anybody else run across StumbleUpon? I've just signed up and it's a blast to use.

StumbleUpon is an interactive search engine that "learns" what you’re interested in, and helps find other sites more to your liking. How does it work?
To start with, go to the StumbleUpon website and create an account (no charge.) There are 500 topics to select from, and you can choose as many interests as you like.
Next, download the toolbar and start stumbling!

Every time you click the Stumble button on your toolbar, it brings up a new screen: a web page, video, blog, or photo that matches your personal interests.

You can also bookmark a site you’re currently looking at. Just click the thumbs up icon, and it will automatically save the site to your profile page. An easy way of saving favorites!

Don’t like the site? Give it a thumbs down!

Anyone who has a blog must be some kind of writer or editor. So here's your chance to evaluate the sites you visit. Along with your review, you have to tell whether it’s an adult site or not, which keeps the service kid-friendly.

Another thing that StumbleUpon offers is sharing your finds with friends. I know I'm always cutting and pasting urls for people. With StumbleUpon, you can send an interesting site with a click on the mouse to other members. For non-members, just add an email address.

I’m thinking this could be another way of drawing viewers to your homepage or blog. So go ahead - try this out. And add your blog to the mix! Do you already have a StumbleUpon account? - I’d love to hear some personal experiences.


TNT2008 said...

There are so many new things to learn about and try. Thanks for sharing, this one sounds like something I would enjoy.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Sounds like fun :) Thanks for the review!

glorybe1024 said...

I am going to try this out! Thanks for "stumbling upon" it!!

Tulip's Talking said...

I have a Stumble account, have for awhile now. However, I did not know how to use it, didn't have the time at the time to figure it out, so thank you for the review. Sound UBER easy.

((((Merry Christmas))))

uniquecommodities said...

WOW That sounds great! Will have to try it soon!

BeadedTail said...

I've always wondered about this so thanks for the info!

Lenox Knits said...

Now this sounds like something I would like. I've heard people talk about it but never investigated. thanks for reviewing.

QuirkyDolls said...

I had one for awhile about a year ago. I tried to connect with crafters - very few on there. It was mainly fine art. Could be different now. Good Luck. It was great for finding very unusual things that were just plain interesting.

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