Friday, December 26, 2008

Etsy Artisan Interview: C Line Creations

Jess from CLineCreations is a new artist on the internet. She opened her Etsy shop just about two months ago, and offers Chinese watercolors and knotting, all of which are very beautiful. When I went to Jess's blog, I was so thrilled! She is willing to instruct others in the art of Chinese brush painting, and has a step by step tutorial. I'm so happy she found my blog - hope you stop by her site, and give some Etsy love!
  • What's the name of your Etsy shop?
My Etsy shop, C Line Creations, can be found at The name comes from the fact that I create all my paintings and knotting in my apartment off of the (C) subway line in Brooklyn.

  • What types of products do you sell?
I sell original Chinese brush paintings and Chinese knottings. Chinese brush painting is done on rice paper with watercolor paints and special horsehair brushes. Chinese knotting uses one continuous round string to create each intricate, ornamental knot.

  • Are selling your products a full-time job, or do you have an additional occupation, outside the home?
I do have an additional occupation, but I’m hoping to be able to spend more time on painting and knotting soon. Being one of the featured “quit your day job” sellers may be a bit of a reach, but a girl can always dream…

  • What is your favorite item in your shop today?

Right now, this large mountain scene painting is my favorite item listed. I loved painting it, and it really became exactly what I had envisioned when I began.

  • How did you find out about Etsy? Were you a buyer before a seller?
I was thinking of trying to sell some of my paintings in consignment shops, and started doing google searches to see if there were any nearby. I ended up finding an individual Etsy seller’s page, and discovered Etsy. I signed up primarily to be a seller, but ended up buying before I had my 1st sale – there’s just so much cool stuff on Etsy!
  • Are you involved with any of the Etsy teams?
I recently joined theNewNew York Street Team, and met a few of them at the Brooklyn flea one Sunday. I’m really excited to get more involved, and hopefully I’ll be able to do some events with them once I have everything set up.
  • We are all looking for good marketing advice. What's the best tip or trick you can share with us?
The best advice I can give so far, as I’m fairly new to Etsy, is that other Etsians are a fantastic resource. Post in the forums, chat, blog, whatever you prefer – just find ways to interact with your fellow crafters and build up a network (I’m still just getting started!). They’re not only a great place to find advice and information, but they are often buyers as well!
  • Are there additional venues where you sell your work?
I have listed a few items on to see whether that brings more exposure, but I’m mainly concentrating on Etsy. I hope to eventually branch out into craft fairs and other venues, but for now, I’m just going to see where Etsy brings me.

  • Over the years, what materials and mediums have you worked with? What's your favorite?
Besides Chinese brush painting, I’ve also dabbled in charcoal drawings and oil painting. I stuck with Chinese brush painting though, because I just seemed to have a knack for it. Besides, the cultural aspect was also hugely appealing to me – that I could not only create art but also something with a deeper cultural meaning.
  • Everyone knows images are important when selling on the internet. What's your procedure for taking photos of your products? Do you have any tips on taking better photographs?
It took me awhile to figure out photos – for the first set of items I listed, I’ve had 3 completely different sets of pictures! Now, I make sure I take pictures during the day when there is natural light. For knottings, I’ll use the macro setting to get clear close-ups from different angles. For paintings, I hang them on the wall and photograph that wall. And of course, you have to make sure that your camera is steady when you’re taking pictures – there’s nothing worse than a blurry photo on an item you might have bought otherwise!

  • Do you have an online photo storage site, where we can see more about you and your surroundings?
I don’t right now, but I’m considering joining Flickr in the near future.
  • Where can people find out more about you - do you have a blog, website, instant messaging account?
I do have a blog and a twitter, both fairly new.

OK, my pick. This is something that Jess finished not too long ago as a Christmas present and I think it's just beautiful:


MagdaleneJewels said...

Story, what a talented artist you have found to showcase! Welcome to Etsy. I can't wait to see your blog and read about Chinese painting. I am interested in the Chinese knotting, it looks so intricate, yet probably so simple.
Good luck on Etsy!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Fantastic interview! I'm definitely going to check out her blog and follow her on twitter :)

Laane said...


I'm one of your entrecard-droppers and I want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for entrecarddropping!

uniquecommodities said...

Great Interview!

Jess said...

Thanks so much for interviewing me for your blog! I really look forward to reading about other artisans here. =)

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