Friday, January 23, 2009

Etsy Artisan Interview - Moon of Glass

Elizabeth, owner and operator of Moon of Glass , offers fused glass pendants and earrings, hair accessories and home decor items on her Etsy shop. She has been designing glass art for four years now, and guarantees that your purchases will last a lifetime. I want to invite Elizabeth, and any other bloggers who buy and sell on Etsy, to joined the Etsybloggers in February. Here's a bit more about the woman behind the "moon":
  • What's the name of your Etsy shop?
Moon of Glass

  • What types of products do you sell?
I sell fused glass jewelry, primarily, but I've begun to branch out into larger, more artistic pieces.

  • Are selling your products a full-time job, or do you have an additional occupation, outside the home?
One of these days art will be full time, but until then, I handle software licensing for a major university.

  • What is your favorite item in your shop today? Ooh, probably this:

  • How did you find out about Etsy? Where you a buyer before a seller?
I found out about it from another seller at a craft show. It's been the best thing in the world, and helped me expand my business in ways that I didn't think were possible!
  • Are you involved with any of the Etsy teams?
I am a member of the Etsy Freethinkers team.

  • Over the years, what materials and mediums have you worked with? What's your favorite?
Glass! I really love collage work too, but collage ideas don't flow as easily as glass does for me. I love the way glass plays on light, reflects light, and compares and contrasts with other colors and mediums. I love the fact that there are so many different things that can be done with glass! I could work with glass for years before I could ever say that I've tried everything.

  • Everyone knows images are important when selling on the internet. What's your procedure for taking photos of your products? Do you have any tips on taking better photographs?
Like many people, I've struggled with this for a while now! The most important things I have learned are to make sure that you're in macro mode when taking product shots of small items and make sure that the white balance is set correctly. I've found that taking pictures outside on a cloudy day gives me the best results.

  • We are all looking for good marketing advice. What's the best tip or trick you can share with us?
I always wear my jewelry, and get tons of compliments. Any time someone notices something I've made that I'm wearing, I hand them a business card!

  • Are there additional venues where you sell your work?
At the moment, Etsy is the primary place I sell. I've sold at a few smaller craft fairs, and hope to branch out into local stores and galleries.

  • Where can people find out more about you - do you have a blog, website, instant messaging account?
I've got a blog, and am in the very beginning stages of creating my own website for the larger pieces that I probably won't be selling through Etsy.

  • Do you have an online photo storage site, where we can see more about you and your surroundings?
It's not very flushed out, but I do use Flickr.

My turn! What's the Storybeader's favorite?

Elizabeth calls this one Relaxing Stripes - I love its color and simple elegance! This is what she says about it,

"I love the emotions that colors can convey. I've chosen three of my favorite relaxing, cool colors in this pendant, laid them next to each other, separated by slivers of white. Then, I layered a piece of clear glass on top to give the piece depth. I've smoothed the back with my grinder, and then attached a sterling silver plated bail."


Moon of Glass said...

Thanks for the great post about my store! You do great features! :)

NICO Designs said...

I like Relaxing Stripes, too.
Thanks for another great interview-I look forward to these each week.

TiLT said...

great interview...I love glass work - hers are beautiful! I love those green and yellow circle earrings

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful work -thanks for introducing us to her!

Cozy said...

What a lovely shop. Thanks for showing it to us!

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for a great interview and introducing me to her great work!

uniquecommodities said...

Great interview and I love her products

My Little Halo said...

These are gorgeous! Great blog :)


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