Saturday, January 3, 2009

about me

Welcome to Stroll Through Storyland. I'm Deb, the storybeader. I was born and raised in New Jersey, went to school in California, and followed some family members to Oklahoma, where I now live. Yes, I've been all over the country. I've always been a reader and writer, with a pen and pad of paper close at hand. And my new love is computers.

I have to say I also love my job. I've been working as a curator in a regional museum for over 25 years, taking care of the archives and library. I get to organize paper and photographs, do a lot of writing, and work on a database. The perfect job; but then, I'm biased...

It was 2007 when I began creating jewelry and writing haiku for my necklaces. The following year I opened my Etsy shop, and in the Spring, I started to blog.
Black Turtle found the
Treasure chest, and made fast friends
With the fetish drops.

Beginning 2010, I added handmade journals and sketchbooks for the writer and artist to my Etsy shop.  And then it took over!  I couldn't get away from jewelry, so decided to sell handmade paper beads instead.  I love art journals and they are the latest paper items I've added to my shop.  I enjoy sharing the pleasure of art journaling with others.
The cranes flew home in
The snow after staying out
Too late at the dance.

I invite you to Stroll Through Storyland with me and comment often. Hopefully you will find a new book title through my book reviews or a small business tip that I've found useful. If you like my paper beads or handmade journals, we can work together on a special order.

To drop me a message, my email address is

(updated July 2011)


BluMoon said...

What an interesting job you have. I make story pendants they are on our web site I don't have any on the blog though. I would like to participate in the interview if you are interested!

One Of A Kind said...

Wow Deb, the "about me" is great. Hummm, now I think that I will be needing to think about this and do it. Thanks!

Kim said...

Hi Deb, love your ideas & positive spirit too! So wonderful that you found a job that makes you happy...that's not easy these days! Thank you, also, for the kind words on my blog!! Keep in touch :o)


Dangerous Linda said...

i am a photographer, storyteller and beader, also! i'm happy to have discovered you! beautiful work!!

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