Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy Artisan Interview - Paper Affection

Suanne is an Etsy artist I met in the forums, who has a very unique shop full of beautiful items, mainly made out of paper. She "lives" over at another artist community on the internet, one I've never heard of before, called Deviant Art. This site looks to be more adult oriented than etsy, and includes not only fine art, but crafts, literature and film. I think some etsy artists might be interested in checking out Deviant Art, if they haven't seen it before. But first, let's look into Paperaffection:
  • What's the name of your Etsy shop?
Paper Displays of Affection

  • What types of products do you sell?
origami jewelry, hair accessories, flowers, and ornaments

  • Are you involved with any of the Etsy teams?

I'm not on an Etsy team yet - I'm thinking about joining the New New Team (New York) but since this is a hobby for me, I was waiting until my shop was more settled. (I started in September). After life calms down a bit, I think I'll really look into it!

What is your favorite item in your shop today?

My favorite item is the bronze and gold butterfly necklace I love it's elegance, bold statement, and color scheme. I think it came out great!

  • Are there additional venues where you sell your work?
I do commissions on DeviantArt, but that's all. Check out my gallery at

  • How did you find out about Etsy? Where you a buyer before a seller?

I was on before I came to Etsy. I just made crafts for my own enjoyment and people started to ask me to make them things. After thinking about it, I realized my idea was unique enough to support a store and I had a ton of inventory that I could sell. So the Etsy was born! I was a seller first, but now I'm an active buyer too.

  • Over the years, what materials and mediums have you worked with? What's your favorite?
PAPER is by far my favorite. You can't get simpler than paper. I've also experimented with sculpture, I'm an avid drawer (pencils rule!), I'm fairly decent at photography. I fail at knitting though :) Now I'm more into wire work for the jewelry, but its a more recent addition to my retinue.

  • Are selling your products a full-time job, or do you have an additional occupation, outside the home?
I'm a real estate consultant for an accounting firm right in the middle of Times Square, New York City. It keeps me really busy. My art keeps me sane :)

  • Everyone knows images are important when selling on the internet. What's your procedure for taking photos of your products? Do you have any tips on taking better photographs?
Can't beat natural light. I take photos next to my window - I have indirect light which is perfect because it doesn't bleach out my shots. A tripod is so useful, as well as a solid, uninterrupted background (a large sheet of white paper does the trick!). After I take my shots in macro mode, I go to photoshop, adjust the levels, contrast, hues, etc until I'm satisfied. Pretty often though, I'll put it up, realize its not good enough, and retake them all over again. It definitely takes time.

  • Do you have an online photo storage site, where we can see more about you and your surroundings?
My deviantart account - is my ongoing portfolio of creative things, from origami, to digital drawings, to photos from travel, etc. There are a few pictures of me, but I'd rather be behind a camera than in the shot.

  • We are all looking for good marketing advice. What's the best tip or trick you can share with us?

Don't be shy. People won't know about your shop unless you tell them, and people don't buy unless they can see what you have to offer. Get business cards, tell all your friends, and don't be afraid!

  • Where can people find out more about you - do you have a blog, website, instant messaging account?

Deviantart is the best place to be honest. I also have a lazy MyCraft account at

  • OK, my turn! What's storybeader's favorite?

Well, I love the money rose, pictured above. But these small, origami earrings really grabbed my attention! Great photographs, too!


Suanne said...

Thanks for the interview! It was a lot of fun! :)

Kevin (Tian) Ji said...

money rose seem like a pretty good valentines day gift..

the value of dollar will become worthless, but the warm feeling from it burning can last for a few minutes

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Her stuff looks wonderful!

TiLT said...

Wow - what awesome things with paper...need to go check out Deviant Art now...

Random Musings said...

WOW! What amazing talent and what a way to go green too! I love BOTH of your favorites!

BeadedTail said...

What beautiful work! Wonderful interview!

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