Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giveaway - John Wright original artwork

My favorite type of fine art is watercolor. Especially landscapes. Maybe because they're so light and colorful. Or that I have an affinity for water.

Now, I've never tried to paint myself, but I love to look at artwork. Enter John Wright. His blog, John Wright Art, gives the art lover a unique opportunity to see new paintings and drawings plus "musings on any other bits of life" that come his way.

In celebration of John’s 30th post, he is having a Giveaway for one of his original pieces of art (see below), which he will personally sign. Well, that made my heart skip a beat. I just love his work! Although telling you about the Giveaway might lower my chances of winning... I'm going to tell you anyway, just because I think everyone should at least go and visit John's blog. So, what do you need to do to enter?

Outside the Pavilion, Whitby
  1. subscribe to his email posts (just enter your name in the space available in his right column)
  2. comment on the posting which announces the competition on his blog
  3. mention the competition in a post on your blog, just like I'm doing, and
  4. comment on 5 other of his posts throughout the month of February
That's easy enough, especially if you're like me and enjoy visiting/commenting on blogs. Good luck to you all... I hope I win!


John Wright Art said...

Thanks for this posting. Best of luck in the competition.

lunaticg said...

What a beautiful giveaway. Can I join?

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