Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogfire Carnival - Sept 12, 2009

My favorite weekend activity is sticking around the house.

I'm a hopeless homebody.
If I'm home, I can do work and play,
be around my doggie and DH,

go outside and garden,

or just enjoy the weather.

If I stay inside,
I can do paperwork and clean here and there,
and be on my desktop computer!

When I venture out,
it's usually to the store to buy groceries,
early in the morning.
If it's a beautiful day,
I'll take a stroll in the park
or maybe go out to the Wichita Mountains.

I love to see my mom and brother,
but that takes a little more planning,
since I have to get in the car and drive some distance.

At least we're in the same state!
I love being around family and relaxing,
like up in the treehouse!
Great views - sunset is lovely!


Patch said...

Look like you have great weekends.. my latest weekend, I was sticked into my house too.. on the bed inside my bedroom with my flu... oh my.. lol

TiLT said...

our #1 activities match :)
But the rest of yours look better than mine :P

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I'm a homebody too! I enjoy a good night out or a vacation...but I so love coming home. During my layoff, I could go all week and not even leave the house...missing that now!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I stay home a lot too! Different reasons though :P

Nancy said...

Thanks for the tour of your space! I'm a home body too and love to be in nature when I venture out. Looks like you've got a lot of work to do on your desk!

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos! I am a homebody too although I get antsy every once in awhile and have to get out for a bit. I think that's because I work from home too so it's easy to get cabin fever if I never leave the house!

Duni said...

Hi Deb!

I love pottering around the house too!

And thank you for your very helpful advice concerning Etsy. I really appreciate it :)

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