Saturday, October 31, 2009

weekly planner - Orange Circles

Introducing my first, all original, weekly planner, called Orange Circles

The object of this journal is to use it when you need it. I remember as a girl, all the senseless dribble I included in my diaries, just because there was a page with a date! This book can be used as a planner, datebook and diary. One side has lined pages, the other, a weekly calendar block, for ANY week you want.

"Each week the lady
Recorded the circle of
Events in her book."
- storybeader

Sewn together using the coptic stitch, the planner is 6.5" x 9" in size and has a total of 96 pages. The paper is 24lb, a little bit heavier than regular printer paper. There are 48 weekly blocks available.

Need a Special Order? Contact me at or reply to this post.

Delivery Confirmation available, upon request.

A storyland journal, brought to you from the Storybeader's Workshop.


Splendid Little Stars said...

very nice and a great idea! One could use it to record vacations.

BeadedTail said...

Now that is lovely and very clever! Fabulous Deb!

Duni said...

Oh, beautiful! I love anything with circles or dots on it!!!
Thanks also for the close up of the coptic stitch.

Nancy said...

Wow...that's a really cool idea. I remember in college my drawing prof. urged us to use our sketchbooks for lists, daily notes, calendars, AND drawings. It was nice because that took the edge off of the formality of it's sacred pages and we all just started using it. And then making good work because we weren't afraid to mess up.

So I love this idea...I think having a book that you use for everything journaling, and daily planning is excellent.

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