Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Featured Etsyblogger - thefabmissb

November's featured Etsyblogger is the fabmissb .... or is it beckykazana? Does she have a split personality? Let's check it out:

I've known the fabmissb (her name is Becky, BTW) since I joined the Etsybloggers, in the Spring of 2008. She's been with the team since December 2007! Becky lives in beautiful Hawaii - want to go visit? Me too! A click over to her blog is all I can afford right now. She and DH love to travel and you can tour with them vicariously. But who would want to leave the islands...

Here they are (correct me if I'm wrong) "On top of the World at Mauna Kea," the tallest mountain in Hawaii, measuring in at 13,000 feet.

Let's travel to her etsy shop, and see what we can find:

Really love that brooch!

Her other shop, Becky Kazana, she opened a little over a year ago. I don't believe I visited here before. It really shows the creative and artistic side of Becky. Love her cards and pipettes! You need to go over and check it out!

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