Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kreativ Blogger award

What a refreshing way to start the new year, with a Kreativ Blogger award!

It was presented to me by Foxy G. Knits, an etsyblogger who's all about knitting and writing! She's an active blogger, who takes the time to feature other artisans on her blog. And if this cold weather is getting you down, you need to stop by her Etsy shop, and get a shawl or wrap - her designs and colors are so unique!

With the award comes a few responsibilities....

Here are the rules for the award acceptance:
(1) Thank the person giving the awards
(2) Copy awards to your blog
(3) Place a link to their blog
(4) Name 7 things people don’t know about you
(5) Nominate 7 bloggers
(6) Place a link to those bloggers
(7) Leave a comment on their blogs letting them know of their awards

Seven things you probably didn't know about me:
1. I wanted to grow up and be a reporter
2. I used to be left-handed, and now I'm right-handed
3. I've been at the same job for 23 years!
4. I own a 1995 GMC Sonoma truck, extended cab
5. I listen to classical music and love the ballet
6. I was on the high school swim team
7. I walk barefoot as much as possible

OK bloggers, I know a lot of people feel these awards are like chain letters, but I take them seriously... at times. So don't hate me, this is a compliment. Here goes...

My 7 nominees for the award:
1. Coffee Pot People
2. The Hungarian Chick
3. The Photographic Aspect
4. The Junk Drawer
5. First Door on the Left
6. A Keeper's Jackpot
7. Traveling Suitcase


Sandy said...

What a great way to start my day, thanks you! Was just sipping my coffee thinking, I need to write a new post what should it be about when I read your comment about the award; so popped right over to collect it.

Many thanks, glad you've enjoyed your travels with me this year and hope to have you on the bus lots in the coming year.

Happy New Year

Duni said...

Congratulations on the award, Deb!
Wishing you a very happy, healthy and successfull new year!!!

Thyme2dream said...

A well deserved honor- your blog is always a fun place to visit.

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on your award! I enjoyed learning 7 more things about you!

Hope you have a happy and healthy new year!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Congrats! Certainly a well deserved award. Happy New Year!

foxygknits said...

I am not surprised that you wanted to be a reporter growing up. You are an excellent writer! And BTW, how did you ever go from being left-handed to being right-handed? Lo wants to know...

foxygknits said...

P.S. This was meant to be a compliment!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thanks so much! I write w/ my right hand but athletically I'm sometimes better witht he left...

I can't swim though!

Anitra Cameron said...

Deb, thank you so much! I'm honored to be in such great company, and that you'd think of me!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Congratulations on the award! left hand to right hand??? how?

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