Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Girl

This year I'm looking forward to playing in the garden, working out at the gym, reading and creating more books. When will I have time for all this? I've been told the days are getting longer, but there's still 1440 minutes in every day, any way you look at it! Been thinking of taking a Friday or Monday off from work, here and there, to help elongate my weekend. So that's the plan... for the time being....

But the major reason for today's post is to announce my birthday. Yes, the years in my life are elongating too! If it's my birthday, it means it's also the day to announce Swap Mates, for the Etsybloggers Journal Swap! Even though the Swap doesn't start until March 1st, I thought it would be handy for the participants, for those who wanted to personalized their journals.

In case you're not familiar with our Journal Swap, each member will keep a daily journal for the month of March, which will be sent to their Swap Mate in April. Missed the enrollment? Sorry, you'll have to wait for the next one.

Did I lose anyone yet?

Looking for a list of names?

{{drum roll}}

mamastreasures sends to bijouxrouge

gardengirlcreation sends to storybeader

sends to MemoriesforLife

sends to spledidlittlestar

indulgeyourshelf sends to ladyartisanltd.

sassalynne sends to HandmadeBySandi

PatchFirstShop sends to gardengirlcreation

NicoDesigns sends to RoseWorksJewelry

sends to PatchFirstShop

pruitthandcrafts sends to indulgeyourshelf

sends to mamastreasures

RoseWorksJewelry sends to TulipsTreasureBox

CoffeePotPeople sends to sassalynne

MemoriesforLifeScrapbooks sends to NICODesigns

SplendidLittleStars sends to CoffeePotPeople

sends to JNOriginals

storybeader sends to pruitthandcrafts


Patch said...

Woohoo!! Happy Birthday!!!

and I'm so excited about my swap mate!!! Woohoo!!! gardengirlcreation, here I come!!!


Myfanwy said...

Happy Birthday! And love the swap choices..... Thank you. Just need to work out what to do now, LOL

Enjoy your day you deserve it.

Brigid said...

Happy birthday!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Happy Birthday :)
So excited to start the swap!!!

Athena said...

Happy Birthday, Story! May you find time to do everything you want this year. :)

Thyme2dream said...

Happy Birthday!! May your year be filled with plenty of time to be creative:)

NICO Designs said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an extra special day:)

And thanks for organizing the swap--I am looking forward to it.

Campbell Jane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it's a long & wonderful day!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Ooo - I'm so excited! I get to send to my cyber aunt! And I'm going to here from Erika - love her!

Happy Birthday :D

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday! have fun with the journal swap!

Splendid Little Stars said...

woohoo! Fun!

Happy Birthday!

Tulips Talking said...

Happy Birthday Sweet One!

I'm so excited about the swaps, and my swapmates too! Let the fun begin... come on March 1st!!!

Thank you for thinking of and sponsoring this wonderful idea Deb x0


Hot Rocks said...

Happy belated birthday! All the best for the coming year!!

katrinna louise said...

Happy belated birthday! Can't wait.

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