Friday, April 9, 2010

Etsybloggers Carnival - April 9, 2010

The host for the April 9th carnival is brought to you by Rainy Day Art. I really loved her first topic, so even though my modem just came back to life, and I have my interview already posted for Friday, I couldn't help but join the fun.

Sooo, in response to:
1) Spring is a time for new things and growth. Tell us about a new item and what inspired you to create it, let me tell you about my new line of books, the doodle book.

I found out from Sandy on "Ideas of Inspiration" that there is a National Doodle Day. It was March 5th. I've been wanting to make some small and inexpensive books, and decided a doodle book would be the perfect answer.

Here's the first one, with beautiful Morning Glories:

They threw the blanket
Down in the field of morning
Glories and ate lunch.

Next, I had some left over Washi paper from another book that was a special order. I loved the small pattern, and thought it would fit perfectly on another doodle book, Cherry Blossoms:
The little boy plucked
The cherry blossoms off the

Trees along the path.

The latest one I finished earlier in the week. I've been wanting to use my lottery cards, that I bought from Patch. I wrote the haiku from something Patch told us... hope her mother doesn't mind... Lotto Winner is a little larger than the other two:
The lotto cards were
So beautiful, she kept them

After the drawing


Patch said...

I don't think she minds that.. LOL

BeadedTail said...

Your doodle books are almost too pretty to doodle in!

RainyDayArt said...

I really like the doodle books! They look really well made! :)

Michelle | Calendar Printing said...

I really like the book bind doodle books. It's something that I want for my diary. I'm sure teens will just love these, they are too cute to resist.

Studio B (UberArt) said...

Very cool doodle books! The lottery cards are really great!

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