Sunday, April 25, 2010

My paper folded To Do Book

I know I've been talking about a project I've been working on all week.
This is actually one of two new projects. I'm so excited!

Been thinking of making this little book, ever since watching Julie's video on The Storque (Etsy's newsletter) a couple of months ago; she's a contributor, known as julieincharge. Just a note to Etsy followers: if you're not reading The Storque, you're missing out on a lot of useful tips and interesting posts.

OK, so with the help of Julie's tutorial and Patch's introduction to the PhotoScape software (thanks Patch!) I was able to make my own little paper book. You just fold the sheet three times, and cut once, and you have a eight-page book.

I'm not sure if I should sell them on Etsy, because Julie is selling her's there. Actually, I wanted to complete this project in time for my art festival, and sell them there. Something inexpensive that children could buy for Mother's Day, and maybe attract a little attention at my tent!

So here's what the page looks like, before you fold it:
It's small, 2½" x 3½". Very sweet. Do you recognize the picture on the cover? Yes, it's from the Etsybloggers Journal Swap! It took me all last weekend to figure out just how to use the software correctly, and then to print and fold the paper, so the book didn't turn out a complete mess. I was thinking of selling it for $1.50, or someone could buy the sheet and fold it themselves, if they wanted.

Here's an inside look:

I'll be using different themes, now that I have my own template to work from. People can decorate it and add more color, to make their book more personalized. That's what I'll be doing at the festival! And I put my URL on the back page, which is on the bottom of Saturday. Great for advertising - I already sent one of these cuties with the journal I just sold!

Thanks Julie and Patch for the help - couldn't have done it without you!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Very cute :) I love that you just fold and cut!

BeadedTail said...

That turned out so cute!

Anitra Cameron said...

Deb, that's so cute! I LOVE it!

TiLT said...

those are fantastic!!! And a great addition to craft shows...make sure to have a small line on the last page with your website so they can find you easy :) And as for selling on Etsy....if you don't feel comfy b/c the idea came from someone from there, maybe send one out with larger orders as a bonus...almost biz-cardy :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

a great little book! a good idea for something children could buy. It's also a good item to include when shipping sales.

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