Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Etsybloggers Carnival - June 18, 2010

Rainy Day Art poses some thoughtful questions for this week's Etsybloggers Carnival:

1) It's graduation time, tell us about a recent accomplishment of yours. Did you graduate? Have a business success? Climb a mountain?

2) What are you goals? Short term, long term? It's up to you.

When it comes to goal setting, I try to come up with things that I would just love to do. Goals to me are not something I must do, but things I would enjoy doing. They can also be something that challenges me and builds on previous experiences. At one point I wanted to learn how to weld my own jewelry. DH and I bought all the necessary equipment, and he taught me the basics. But after about a year, I decided to return the tanks. It became a chore, and I was afraid I'd blow up the house.

Usually, I look at goals and make sure they are reasonable. Welding, I realized, was a "pipe" dream.

I have only one long term goal: to retire with money in the bank. And short term goals are usually items from my To Do list. So I guess I look at goals that are medium term in length, where I can give myself time enough to mull over an idea. Maybe six months. And gather up finances and materials.

Some of my medium term goals I see for the remainder of this year are:

1. organize my living room into a better studio
2. make some wind chimes out of beads and found objects
3. look for other venues to put my jewelry and books into
4. buy some polymer clay and learn what to do with it
5. make a book using recycled cigar boxes
6. put together a book of haiku
7. get my watercolor paints out and play with them
8. try doing some collage work with paper and photographs
9. put together a giveaway on Stroll Through Storyland
10. make a book with a leather cover

That should keep me busy for awhile!


Nico Designs said...

I like this post. I think it is great that you can admit your "pipe" dream because I am sure that we all have at least one.

BeadedTail said...

Those are all great goals! I wish you the best as your work towards checking them all off your list!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

It's a great list :) Wishing you luck on getting them all accomplished!

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