Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Featured Etsyblogger - Sykin

Missie, from Sykin's One Stop Etsy Shopping Guide blog, features a shop in every post! There's an area where you can suggest a shop to be featured, or if you want to post a giveaway, she has a spot for you. You'll also find Etsybloggers Carnivals and Etsybloggers Featured Artists on her blog. Not sure what's she going to do for this month, since she's our featured etsyblogger!

Here's a favorite item I remember seeing recently - oops, it's sold, but I think she knows where to find more!

Sykin displays her creativity in a number of ways: through photography, beading, and on paper. Kinda like me! I just love her photographs! I'm thinking she must live close to the ocean in Washington State, because of the wonderful views of the beaches. Wanted to share some of her photos with you:

"Kissed by the Sun"

"My World's On Fire"

Aren't those amazing! You can visit her two Etsy shops or go to her new website, which is in the process of being organized.

1 comment:

Missie said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful feature! I do live near the ocean and I never get sick of taking pictures of it! :)

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