Friday, August 27, 2010

August Featured Etsyblogger - Patch

Splendid Little Stars just mentioned Wednesday that every one of her etsyblogger friends remind her of something special. How true! The first thing that I thought of, when contemplating this month's Featured Etsyblogger, were pearls.

Patch creates the most wonderful jewelry using pearls. Maybe it's because she likes weddings, and pearls are appropriate wear... Here's a mosaic, that just screams PATCH, from her handmade jewelry shop, called Patch First Shop:

I love all things Asian, and Patch's Supply Shop is loaded with origami and boxes of all sorts. The lotto papers she confiscated from her mom (sorry, no winning tickets here), is advertised as "unique paper for crafting: folding paper (origami), paper mache, journal decorating." I bought some of her lotto papers a while back, and can attest to its journal decorating capacity (see left.)

But there's a THIRD shop! The Patch Vintage Shop. If you like vintage clothing, this will be a real treat. Have fun!


Patch said...

Oh.. The pearl mosaic photo is beautiful!!! Thank you for featuring!! :D

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Your mosaic really shows how great her photography is too! Her jewelry is beautiful!!!

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