Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daisy Yellow's Creative Experiment #15 - waiting in line

The young man in line is hot and dirty, just getting off of work. He's working on those gigantic houses on the west side of town; the ones for wealthy doctors and lawyers. He decided to stop at the store and get some food for dinner - can't afford to eat out. So he picked up some frozen chicken and BBQ potato chips. And a 6-pack of orange soda. On the way in, he saw the avocados and grabbed one of those, too. This wasn't what he was eating three months ago, but it would fill his aching stomach.

He doesn't go to the bar to drink anymore after work, not since he got in that fight and his girlfriend left him. Can't wait to get back to his apartment, with his chicken dinner, to watch the ball game. Hoping the Rangers beat the Yankees.

This was a personal challenge, from Daisy Yellow's Creative Experiment #15: "In line at the grocery store, glance at the items in the next person's cart, and make up a story in your head about the person and what they are making for dinner."


Nico Designs said...

Great story. I really like this series.

BeadedTail said...

Very creative story! I'd love to know how close you were to the truth! Now I'm going to be suspicious of anyone looking at me in line at the grocery store and wonder what story they are thinking!

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