Monday, August 30, 2010

Papermaking at home

Don't actually remember when papermaking got stuck in my head.

It was about a week ago, that I got serious and started buying supplies. I wanted to begin with some smaller sheets, so I took a little wooden picture frame, and stapled some leftover screening on it.

I made a good size mess in the kitchen with an old blender that didn't have a top, but did the screening outside on the porch. A heads up if you try this:
don't clean up using indoor plumbing - I've heard it's a sure way to clog your pipes!

Here are the ingredients:
shredded mail
flowers and leaves (from the tree I "prunned" on Saturday)
and corn starch (which is suppose to prevent your ink from bleeding.)

I poured the blended pulp into a plastic container.

The shop towels I bought at Wal Mart worked much better than the suggested sponges, for soaking up excess water. Shop towels are those heavy blue paper towels, sold in the automotive department. After peeling my paper off the screen, I laid them between two of the shop towels.

Skirt hangers work great for drying, but I only had three...
so I started a little assembly line!
The whole process took about two hours, not counting the drying time.

And here's the finished product!

Next time I'll put together a large frame for screening, and use my oversized plastic tub. Thinking of using some red earth (the kind that Oklahoma is known for) in the mixture and see how that turns out. I might even try to sell them!


BeadedTail said...

Very interesting process! Putting red OK soil in it sounds pretty cool too!

Kathleen said...

Very fun post! What fun =)

Athena said...

Very very cool! I love handmade paper. When you say "ink", do you mean the ink from the mail?

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I used to do paper making too :) It is a fun process to see what new things you can add to the mix. The red soil sounds cool!!!

Nico Designs said...

Sometimes the best projects are the messiest! I like the idea of adding the soil.

TiLT said...

how very cool!! and so perfect for you :)

tamdoll said...

I love making paper - used to do it a lot. Just never did anything with all of it!

I like your picture frame idea. Right now I have a screen in a quilting frame - it's gigantic and too big to use.

Nancy said...

Oh, how fun! What an exciting little project:) It's always so much more fun to make the materials you use in your art too!

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