Sunday, October 24, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday Book Camp - Week #5

Danielle started out this week's Boot Camp by telling us about a conference she went to. Here’s something she brought home, Adam Braun’s Seven Key Life Lessons (see right.)

The Lessons attracted my attention, since so many of his points seem related to what I'm been going through lately. Ah-ha! Synchronicity! For example, I just received a book in the mail for my book club, and really need to get some reading done. I climbed into bed with it, and before you know it, I'm asleep! This has me up VERY early in the morning, and embracing my sleepless nights!

I’ve also started some new projects that are... scary! Have you seen The Sketchbook Project icon on my sidebar? My little sketchbook is forcing me to draw and paint, which is completely outside my comfort zone.

Another one of Adam’s Life Lessons! Well, I could go on, but I’ll let you ponder his list for yourself!

This week we were asked to take new photographs of our Christmas items. Urg! I’m having a horrible time getting used to my light box. So I started complaining to a fella etsyblogger (Rose, from Randomcreations) who takes wonderful photographs of her jewelry. She was kind enough to give me some pointers (if you're interested in making a light box, here's her instructions ) First of all, I had too much light shining on my items. She also told me I could change my camera settings - I was completely oblivious to this!

Here's a photo taken about a week ago, using the lightbox:

See the sheen?

I made these kitty earrings today, to go with the necklace. Then I fooled with the lighting some more, and put marble inside my box. And I changed the white balance - not quite sure about this...

But aren't they adorable! (I have some more, in different colors, if anyone is interested in a special order)

Luckily, the sun came out in the afternoon, and I decided to photograph the necklace one more time, with indirect sunlight.

There are some shadows, but I think it came out the best.

Like Rose, I don't have the money to buy Photoshop, so I use Picasa to tweak the image when I need to. There's a lot you can do with photographing your creations - Danielle has a list of reading suggestions here

Interested in what's happening at the Boot Camp? There's a thread devoted solely to this week. Come on by


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love your new kitty necklace :) The light box is tricky...I'm still learning too. My photos have gone from underexposed to overexposed...still working on that.

PS...I use Photoshop Elements...$99. Not as much as full Photoshop and works GREAT!

TiLT said...

I like the pic outside - shadows and all. It gives it some depth. I've seen many great listing pics that use deep shadows with great results.

And the sketchbook project sounds fun. Going outside comfort zones, not one of my fave things either. Kudos to you for doing it :)

BeadedTail said...

I haven't been able to figure out my lightbox yet - it turns my background orange for some reason. I do love your kitty necklace and earrings! So cute!

randomcreative said...

It's randomcreative, but thanks for mentioning me in your post! I'm glad that you're trying some of my tips. I think that larger items like necklaces are hard to shoot in a light box (unless you have a really big one which I don't) so the natural setting like you used can be the way to go.

Daniellexo said...

Wow, your new photos look amazing! Great work. Love to see your progress through these blog posts, too.


Splendid Little Stars said...

The Sketchbook Project sounds fun. I wish I had time for it. Thank you for sharing your boot camp experiences. They are inspiring!
I don't have photoshop either, so most of my shots are straight out of the camera. I use the free site to crop. I've learned that if I need more light, I can back out the shot and then crop it.

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