Sunday, October 3, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week #2

The theme for this week's boot camp is marketing your shop for the holidays.
Here's some of the topics I'm looking at:

- discover who your gift giver and gift receiver is. Danielle reminds us there are two people you want to connect with in one sale, especially around the holidays. I usually create jewelry and books for the gift receiver. But what about the gift giver? What appeals to that person? Free shipping, boxed gifts...

- make a list of your most popular items. What I've found is that my turquoise won out over everything else, with the fetish necklaces coming in a close second. I've also seen that my earrings and treasure necklaces are the two types of jewelry that are most popular. These items come from opposite sides of my price spectrum, which is a good selling point to any shop. Earrings are quick to make and usually inexpensive - I try to stock up on them before festivals. I'll never forget what one veteran jeweler said to me, "Earrings are my bread and butter." On the other hand, I love making treasure necklaces, but they always take lots of time and effort. Among my paper goods, the artist journals with watercolor paper have been the most popular. Paper is new to my shop - I started making journals in January. And I'm surprised at the positive response I get when I ask about mixing two very different types of items. I think my jewelry appeals to paper lovers!

- look to see what your top sellers have in common. My haiku is an obvious bond between most of my creations. Over at zibbet, you can choose products to buy from a color wheel. Someone said that I used complimentary colors in all my work; had I ever thought of using reds or yellows? Funny, my color choice must be a subconscious decision. Again, I create what I like.

"Blog about the work in progress ahead of time." - LilaRubyKing

- find your boot camp buddy. It's good to have a friend to keep you in line and answer those questions you're too embarrassed to ask in a large forum. I found my boot camp buddy within my etsybloggers team, the best-est team in the universe! Well, MY universe. And that's peacoxcreations. Patti is another seller who mixes various products in one shop! Her "subtitle" (always have a title and subtitle!) is "baskets, babies, & beyond." I'm not into babies (sorry moms) but I've always been a basket collector, and her hand coiled pine needle baskets are beautiful. My favorite? The pine needle sewing basket:

- launch a new product line or add to a winning line. That was easy for me. I've been wanting to expand my paper goods. I just don't seem to have the time or energy to start. Or am I scared of failure? I recommend a great post I read yesterday, by fella etsyblogger Erika, "The Success of Failure" which addresses this very question. Good timing for me, or what I now call synchronicity!

"Always make mock-ups out of less expensive materials first."
- newhopebeading

my new Red Earth Envenote ... mock-up

- brand yourself. This is a marketing tool that comes up time and again. Branding is important, so buyers know what to expect when they come to your shop. I want people to think of the storybeader when they're looking for unique, ethnic jewelry and paper items. Ever since I started selling journals, I thought: maybe I need to change my name or create a second shop? But Patti just proved to me that you don't need to be rigid in your product line to have a winning shop. And having a variety of items is probably a good way of bringing in different buyers!

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

You're really learning a lot through the boot camp. Thanks for taking us along on the journey!!!

BeadedTail said...

This is so interesting and very helpful too! You are learning so much about yourself lately which in turn is making me learn about myself too so thanks for sharing!

Splendid Little Stars said...

very well thought out post! great lessons for us all. I will put some of those into practice. Thanks for sharing, Deb!

Splendid Little Stars said...
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cindy said...

great advice and tips!

KnittingsMyBag said...

Thanks so much for sharing such good advice.

3 Pearls said...

I've been wondering about combining products in my shop it's nice to hear of at least a couple of successful combined shops. And I appreciate the reminder to think of the gift giver as well as the receiver. It's so obvious since that is who would be buying but I hadn't actually thought about it in a concrete way yet. Thanks

Rosalinart said...

I just finishing a new section for my shop I had been painting on silk for the past three years and i have the perfect scarves velvet & silk and rayon & Silk, as well
habotai and crepe de chine hand painted & hand dye
They are just perfect for fall-winter season, currently working on photos and post them.
Thank you for the advice,xxx Rosalinart

Utary said...

Very nice advice and tips. I also joined Etsy boot camp but so far haven't found myself doing any change. So I'm glad to read your blogpost that give me an idea to start.

Thank you!

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