Monday, October 18, 2010

October Featured Etsyblogger - SplendidLittleStars

Operating more than one shop on the same venue seems difficult to me. I've thought about doing it more than once, but shied away for fear of getting completely confused. But Margaret, this month's feature etsyblogger, manages her two shops without a hitch, as far as I can see.

She opened the two just one month apart! That’s very daring, if you ask me. The first, called SplendidLittleStars , consist of mostly baby clothes. All the items can be special ordered, with your choice of size. And if you're looking to purchase a tied-dyed shirt, you can choose a particular pattern. She just taught a group of Girl Scouts the ins and outs of tie-dying - they probably had a blast! Of course, these, and her hand dyed scarves, are my favorites here.

Her second shop, MEFDesigns by SparklyPark, includes earrings. My favorites are the angels. Here's a sample:

Margaret’s a great teammate, who’s eager to comment on blogs (thanks) and is active on our team thread. She an avid photographer and participates in many photo memes, such as Cats on Tuesday, Alphabe Thursday and SkyWatch Friday. Check out her blog, and don’t miss the fun!


TiLT said...

she has such great shops! And to have 2 where they both sell hand created items (-v- my 2nd being supplies...much easier) - amazing :)

MagdaleneJewels said...

I am so glad to see Splendid Little Stars as our Oct Blogger. She has the most adorable clothing in her shop, and you are right, she is always one of the first to comments on ones's blog or in the threads. A true Etsy Blogger!

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