Sunday, November 28, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week #10

"Thinking about things instead of acting can seriously eat up way too much time..."  Isn't that the truth!  I read this on the Blacksburg Belle blog last Friday, a site Boot Camp led me to.  This is actually very fitting to what's been happening in my life recently.  What should I do first?  How much time should I spend on this today?  Blacksburg Belle recommends setting up a calendar on Google to keep track of things, with the ease of repeated events and notifications.   

After checking out the calendars, I decided to by-pass Google and stick with paper, though it looks fun.  I love writing out my To Do lists and being able to strike through all I’ve accomplished.  One thing I need to do is prioritize more, which is an uncomfortable thing to do.

I decided my biggest problem is, I've found so many neat sites recently that are challenging me artistically.  Actually, it’s not really a problem - it’s a very good thing.  It’s helping me establish my new direction for next year:  MORE journaling and drawing!

Artsyville is definitely one of those sites.  I love this blog!  And when I saw "List it Tuesday" on the sidebar, I was intrigued.  What better way of combining something I love to do (list making), with something I want to do (flat art)!  You’ll be seeing this cute little icon on my blog .  Why not come and join us!

Ani, a fella etsyblogger at Coffee Pot People operates another site that I have growth to love.  I’ve joined the “Friday Fence Posts” blog party and now she has another great series, Tuesday Take-out.   Here are copyright free clip art images for people to use.  I‘ve decided to pick one image every week and use it to practice my drawing skills.  This first sketch was appropriate for Thanksgiving! 

 One more site I‘ll mention, especially useful for those who like to doodle, is called Tangle Patterns.  I joined their mailing list and get new patterns about three times a week.  It’s one way of getting me off the computer and visiting with DH.  While he watched football on Thursday, I read and practiced my Chillon Pattern:


Indira said...

I too like writing down to-do list and striking off when things are complete. E-calendar is definitely not for me. Good luck with your drawing practice

BeadedTail said...

Prioritizing is hard for me to do too. I do make out lists but then lose it and make out more lists. I need to work on my organization and then prioritizing I guess.

aimee said...

thanks a bunch for the mention - i hope you'll join us one of these tuesdays! xoxo

daniellexo said...

Thanks for sharing your process! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.


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