Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week #8

I'm glad the activities for boot camp this week aren't as strenuous as last week.  Some things, like developing a marketing plan, I'm saving for January.  One thing I really want to emphasize next year is more treasure necklaces; planning to sell or take out all the other jewelry in my shop. I see a giveaway around the corner!  

But back to Boot Camp.  This week, there's a long list of tips you can follow in a new Storque article called The Holiday Rush.  If you're an Etsy seller, you probably have acted on many of the tips already, like offering international shipping, belonging to Etsy teams, filling out your profile and declaring your shop location (I'm in Oklahoma!)

Here's two things I need to look at:
 2. Consider offering special promotions.  

The Etsybloggers are planning to celebrate our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  Our team captain, Joey, is getting together a list of participants now and has ads available for us to put on our blogs.  I decided to go with this large banner, shortened my posts to only 3 on a page, and placed the banner on the bottom of my blog.

I tested out the new "Etsy on Sale" application last Sunday, and it was real easy to use.  If you're interested in learning more about it, there's a video online - just go to the Storque link here then scroll down to the video, featuring Mitsu. 

4.  Make Treasury lists 
Putting together treasures on Etsy is a good way to stay in touch with team members and friends. I try to make a Treasury for the First Friday Art Walk team (tag = ffest team) each month.  The Etsybloggers have a team treasury every week now - haven't been in one for a while... did I say something wrong?  The first team I joined, when I opened shop on Etsy was the Oklahoma Disciples of Etsy.   I need to reconnect with them   And I'm a member of the Etsy Cultural Fusion Team, where many of my artist friends from (the now defunct) 1000markets hang out.  Their artwork really hits home for me.  Here's our team page

I mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating.  There's a new game in town, called Treasury Challenge NonTeam.  The whole idea is to create a treasury, whether you're a seller or buyer, from one inspiration piece that is picked each week.  It's a fun way to become a curator... even though I'm one anyways! 

Here's the challenge treasury I made a few weeks ago, called "gypsy." 


Erika said...

Seems that the boot camp has really got you thinking. I hope you have great sales for the holiday!

BeadedTail said...

I'm getting a lot of good ideas from you from what you are learning at the boot camp. Thanks for sharing the info!

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