Sunday, November 21, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week #9

 "An already well packaged item will impress your buyers, and it's a sure way to make them and their gift recipients super-fans."  This one sentence by Danielle summarizes what Week 9 is all about: packaging and shipping.  Stocking up on supplies isn't too much of a problem for me.  And books are fairly easy to send in the mail.  But I have been thinking about different ways to send jewelry.

In the past, I've mailed all my jewelry in padded envelopes, usually necklaces inside plastic bags.  Not the greatest impression...  I love all the jewelry travel rolls I see online, but they're not for one necklace.  So I'm thinking of buying some fabric, and rolling a necklace in that!  Buy silk fabric!  Something for my to-do list.

Boxes are a great way to ship, and they're easy to wrap and address.  There's a great how-to in the Storque by Mary, for making square boxes out of leftover paper.  Not so sure how sturdy they would be, but nice looking boxes are always handy, and I've got lots of paper!   To-do list #2, and I'm just reading one article! 

Something that really stuck out this week was mentioned by Danielle: branding.  I've been thinking about creating my own stamps for art journaling, not for shipping, so it was just one of those synchcronicity events that happens when you least expect it.  I don't know the first thing about stamping, but there's a link to a great article written by ArtMind, called "How to Make an Art Stamp" I am so jazzed!  Will HAVE to try this out (#3 on the to-do list; it will probably be pushed down on the list, because I have to buy supplies)

 There are other handy shipping tools in the Etsy forum, with lots of links and comments.  And for more marketing strategies, Beth at DiffractionFiber has some tried and true tips for the upcoming holiday sale.  The Etsybloggers are planning a group sale - buy a handmade item from your favorite blogger!  The storybeader is giving 20% off all items.

I did decided to add a special paragraph concerning gift mailing after reading Beth's article.  Just in time for the holiday sales; I'll be leaving it there:

"Need gift wrapping and gift tags? Delayed shipping, direct to the recipient?
Not a problem!
Special gift mailing is available at no extra cost.
Just send me an email or convo, and give me details.
I love gift giving!"

Good luck to everyone with sales this coming weekend and on Cyber Monday!
Feel free to include a link to your shop or website in the comments.


Erika said...

I really want to work on packaging. I feel like I do better when the item is small but need to get better with my larger items.

Linda Pruitt said...

Wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing all of these--you are so through! Love the stamp idea! Don't know if I will follow-through with it or not, though.

Splendid Little Stars said...

This post is simply pregnant with ides! I caught your excitement!
Silk fabric is easy for me since I dye the stuff. I also purchase white silk bags to dye, and a already constructed silk handkerchief ready to dye could work, too. I would definitely mail in a bubble mailer.
I have received beads inside a hand-made box--very cool. I've also received beads inside a hand-stamped cardboard jewelry box.
I will have to check out "How to Make an Art Stamp!"
I like the way Beth words her gift mailing option.
Thanks, Deb, for sharing your boot camp posts!

Ruthie said...

Great ideas :D

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