Monday, November 1, 2010

Etsybloggers Carnival - give wildlife a brake

This week's carnival is hosted by.... me!  Storybeader!  Here are my topics choices...
The first week of November is
1) "Give Wildlife a Brake" week. How are you celebrating?
2) time to get ready for holiday sales. We need some good working tips!

I'm writing about #1, slowing down when I drive and telling others about programs that can help wildlife.  As daylight saving time is almost upon us, many will be driving in darker conditions.  In the U.S. (except for Hawaii and Arizona), time "falls back" this year on November 7th.

So give wildlife a brake.     

 Wildlife in Crisis (WIC),  founded in 1989 and based in Connecticut, is one organization that cares for injured and orphaned wild animals.  They're run entirely by volunteers, and all their funding goes directly to the animals.  "Give Wildlife a Brake" is a program that stresses defensive driving, benefiting people in cars as well as animals crossing the road.  The WIC website states that according to government statistics, over one million animals a day are killed and maimed on US roadways each year.  Isn't that a staggering number?

 Animals are all around us and they're going to be nesting soon.  One WIC's website, you can find a FAQs section, for both mammals and birds.  It includes answers to many common questions, including what to do about the squirrels and raccoons trying to get into bird feeders.  I don't have a lot of wild animals in my backyard, but I always put out birdseed this time of year.

So let me invite you to take a visit to the website.  And you can help their organization by donating   or purchasing items, including books and bumper stickers, from their online shop.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

OMG...Those pictures are sooooo cute!
We help out the wildlife by letting them eat the food we put out for the cats...LOL :)
But seriously, this is a wonderful cause!

BeadedTail said...

It makes me so sad to see animals killed along side the highway so we always try to give wildlife a brake! We keep bird seed out too since got to keep the Birdie channel on!

Mark Alan Meader said...

We have to dodge everything from squirrels and chipmunks (mostly) to coyotes and deer up here since moving to the mountains. The instant reaction to avoid even the littlest critters can be kind of dangerous on those curvy roads.. hopefully I don't run myself off a cliff to save a chipmunk someday!

Kathleen said...

Love those pictures! One thing people also need to do is to keep domestic animals home so that they don't get on the roads. Lots of us out here make sure we do that.

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