Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Featured Etsyblogger - Pruitt Creations

I admire my fella etsybloggers, who keep their shops and blogs running.  I know it's hard work!  Our December featured etsyblogger has THREE shops open!  All at the same time!  Like many innovative people, Linda works with various mediums and uses difference shops for selling her creations.  A technique I've considered for a long time, but don't think I have the stamina!

Her first shop is called pruitthandicrafts, which she opened at the end of 2008.  As Linda says, "I love fabrics and like to quilt.  I am not a purest quilter, but like color and whatever hits my fancy."  I've always wanted to quilt, but it takes so long!  And requires a lot of patience!  Linda was my Journal Swap Mate back in March, and I wrote a blog post about my favorite items in her shop.  But now there's more!

She decided to take her love of color and experiment with beads.  In June 2009, Linda opened her jewelry shop, Pruitt Designs.  I love color and beads too, so I know exactly where she's coming from.  Her shop is always full of jewelry; right now there are over 60 items for sale!  Here's some with good old holiday cheer.

I guess with all this going on, she needed a place to sell off some of those craft supplies picked up along the way.  Pruitt Supply opened in July 2010.  There are patterns, yardage, "yo yos" buttons, lace and more.  I was surprised to see "FAT quarters" for sale.  WHAT?  I'm no seamstress; I didn't know what on earth that was!  So I went online to look it up (of course!)  As far as I can tell, fat quarters are quarter-yard cuts of fabric, cut wide (approx. 18" x 22".)  I love fabric and if I could clone another one of me, I'd buy a sewing machine and go crazy!  And buy some FAT quarters from Linda! 
The year ends for our
Featured Etsybloggers.  May  
All your dreams come true.

- storybeader


Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post! And so many pictures, WOW! You're a great Etsyblogger friend--I wish you a great holiday season and a profitable New Year!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

great post, I can't believe how many different talents she has! ... I love your photo mosaics! Do you use a software? said...

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