Monday, December 20, 2010

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week #13

We have come to the final week of Holiday Boot Camp.  There are a few things being talked about here.  One is shipping.  I used to have free shipping but realized I was actually loosing money.  I don't mind paying for shipping and I expect others not to either.  If you are using free shipping, then you should increase the cost of your products.  But who wants to pay more!  

This weekend I sold one of my handmade artist journals.  The buyer wanted it before Christmas and she was willing to pay the extra cost.  So I measured my book, jumped over to the USPS website, and found the correct priority mail box.  It was expensive, but she was agreeable.  I made a reserve listing for the cost of postage - it was very easy for the both of us.

Dropped the package off this morning.
Another thing discussed were ways of remembering what succeeded and what didn't.  I've never heard of, a site were you can write yourself a letter to the future.  Maybe this would be handy, but for me, I'd rather write it in my work journal, and remember... I think. 

If you missed participating in Boot Camp this year, Danielle is already making plans.  We all took a survey, to help her improve for next year.  We were asked if we received any more views/heart/sales.  I don't think so, but it kept me thinking.  I want to thank you all of your who read my posts.  It means a lot to me when I see people commenting.  {:-Deb


BeadedTail said...

I don't mind paying for postage at all. Once I did order supplies from someone and they charged $8 for shipping but the postage on the package showed $1.58 so that irked me.

Erika said...

Beaded--that happened once to me too and it was the last time I shopped from them.

Deb--I think I have said this before but I have enjoyed this series. I read Danielle's posts but you had something different. I also like that photo of what I am guessing is part of an organizer?

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