Thursday, December 2, 2010

Etsybloggers Carnival - holiday gifts from the storybeader

Rose at Randomcreative posed two gift giving themes for our carnival this week:

1) Share a holiday item that you created and tell us a little bit about it. It can be something that you created for the 2010 holidays or for a past holiday season.
2) Create a holiday Etsy wish list and share it on your blog. What do you really want from Etsy this year?

A holiday item I created?  Some gifts I'm giving this year were not made by me, but were designed (in part, I must add) by me.  I know a lot of coffee drinkers, and one item going to family members are coffee cups, that I created at Zazzle.  It's a great gift idea for the holidays, and a good advertiser! 

Another item I'll be giving to a dear friend is a calendar (hope she doesn't see this blog post - if so, it's for you, JB).  This year I was involved in the Diary 2011 Project. 
The calendar was put together by artists all over the world.  I'll be keeping one for myself, and giving the other to her, because I know she'd appreciate it.  My artwork is on my birthday (January 18th) and I'm sharing my page with niche, who resides in Scotland!  I followed her url ,on the bottom of her illustration, to a British site called Folksy.  She also has a blog and is on Etsy .  This is what the page in the diary looks like:

You might not recognized my rectangle, since it's not in the living color that washi paper is known for.  But it's the back cover of my doodle book, called Cherry Blossoms.


joeyandaleethea said...

Those are such sweet gifts, very thoughtful! Love the back of the doodle book - and you're right, I didn't recognize it, made me look again and it's so pretty!

Very Verdant said...

Nice gifts...that calendar is really something to treasure!

Splendid Little Stars said...

The calender is cool! What a great gift! Perhaps I can participate next year....

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