Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflecting on the year - 2010

January 2010 began with my new passion, making handmade books.  I sold two journals in February.  Very encouraging!  My grand total of Etsy sales for the year was ten  - not much to write home about.  But I  stayed busy with my blog, averaging 18 posts a month. 

In June, I stopped my weekly artisan interviews - which had been going on for two years!  Instead, I started another series, The Artist’s Way.  Everyone who reads this blog know about The Artist’s Way.  The tasks include a lot of introspection, writing every morning, and taking yourself out (at least once a week) on an Artist’s Date.  By August, I was papermaking on the back porch.  I started reading about art journaling at this time, but was still too afraid to commit myself.  When it got too cold to work outside, I moved back inside and paid more attention to the art of art journaling.  

So what happened this year, that moved me from jewelry making to bookmaking to journaling?  I decided to look back through my blog to see if there was something that caught my attention.  And do you know what - it was The Artist's Way!  As Julia Cameron says in her intro, “Do not look for dramatic - or traumatic - change.  The shift you will experience will be substantial, but it will come to you in many tiny increments.”  How did she know what was going to happen to me?  Was it just a coincidence, synchronicity?  Whatever happened, it wasn’t until now, writing this post, that I see how much her book affected me.
In particular:  On Week Seven, I took myself to the bookstore on an “Artist’s Date.”  I went to my favorite section, the magazines.  It was then when I saw Art Journaling for the first time.  Never noticed it before... I was in heaven.  I might not have bought it if I’d realized it was going to cost me $16.  But I did and now I can’t wait until January 1st, to get my next issue!

But what about my business, Storybeader?  Sorry to say, 1000markets closed down.  I really liked that venue.  And I got kicked out of selling in the museum store because of a "conflict of interest" (working there.)  The Firehouse Art Center in Norman is the only bricks and mortar place where I‘m selling.  And of course I have Etsy.

My first business decision for the upcoming year: keep only my journals and paper goods online and use my Treasury Necklaces for bricks and mortar sales (hopefully).  We’ll see how that works.  So I’ll be having a big jewelry sale on Etsy, to clear out the inventory.  30% off.  Stop by for some really good bargains in January.

In closing, I want to thank all my Etsybloggers team members for their support and friendship they’ve shown me over the year.  And thank you to whoever introduced me to The Artist’s Way.  You changed my life.  Daisy Yellow and Journal Girl, you are the two who’ve helped me get started with art journaling.  I love your work and you‘ve taught me so much. If you’re interested in art journaling (and I know you’re out there, by your comments), check out my new listing for art journaling blogs and other inspirational sites, on my left column.  And visit/join me in the Art Journaling group on Ning.


Erika said...

wonderful post. i really enjoyed the series while you were following the book and the series spurred by Danielle's posts. Best of luck with the goals/focus.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love that book making and art journaling bring you so much joy :)
I think you have a great plan to sell your jewelry in B&M's and your books and journals online.
Here's to much success in the new year!!!

Mama Z said...

Great Post. I love your art journals!

Kathleen said...

Wonderful journal pages - looks like fun =) The handmade books are so beautiful! Hope you do well with your B&M sales.

Indira said...

Lovely post. Best wishes for a fulfilling, happy and healthy 2011.

cindy said...

Deb, it sounds like you've made a good decision with your jewelry. I found out for myself this year too, that selling jewelry is much easier in person. The web is so over-saturated. Best wishes for the new year!

LocustSt said...

I'll have to check out that book. I've been seeing myself evolve too.. from what I'm doing and what I want to start doing. I've always loved the *idea* of art journaling... but I've never sat down and started. I don't have a lot of time... but love looking at what other people have done.

tamdoll said...

I'm catching up on your blog posts and your passion really shows through.

I hope you have a lot of success this year with your books!

Maybe synchronicity was part of it, but since you've been going through the Artist's Way and focusing so much - it's your hard work that has paid off, giving you success in this new direction.

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