Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Strategy Session, Week 4 - short and long-term goals

In the first three sessions, we finished Worksheet 1, describing our strengths and dreams.  If you're interested in looking back, I added a link to the strategy sessions in the right-hand column.  So now it's time for Worksheet 2.  Before you start organizing your goals, review what your dream day is like and what drains your energy (from Week 3).  Don't make impossible goals that you won't follow.

One thing that April (from Blackburg Belle) mentions at the beginning of this worksheet:  "When you think about your marketing efforts and your goals, keep in mind what these goals will mean to you personally and professionally."  I have always found it a chore to balance my fulltime job and keep storybeader afloat.  So I need to look at the implications of my goals.  Also, she says "realize that your goals can and probably will change." Well, that's a relief!  I want to do art journaling every day.  But then, I don't have time to do that, create new products, blog, exercise, go to work and spend time with my DH.  So some actions need to be combined or set aside.

1.  List three short-term goals for your business.
This should be easy enough, since they won't be complex.  April suggests one month as a time frame.
* advertise online using my new Etsy banner name (Storybeader's Bookshelf)
* make two art journals and list them on Etsy
* redo my Etsy shop

2. What would you have to do to reach your new short-term goals?
 When I was looking at these goals, I already had an idea of how to succeed.  And you probably will also.  I plan to advertise on Project Wonderful and Entrecard.  First, I need to make a square ad block, which is the most popular size.  I want to buy some vintage comic books and turn them into art journals.  If anyone can tell me which comics they like best, let me know.  And at the beginning of February, I'm taking all my jewelry out of my Etsy shop.  Right now, there's a 30% January Jewelry Sale going on.  I hadn't considered when I was going to get all this done; maybe I need to take February 1st off work!  This is just one example of why it's a good idea to look ahead (and write down) how you'll reach your goals. 

3. List three long-term goals for your business that are attainable within one year.
I knew this was coming!  And I have a few suggestions.  Do you want to start a new product line?  I consider this a long-term goal, since you have to become skilled and start to let people know you'll be selling something new.  I want to start making paper.  Last year, I started too late in the year and didn't become proficient in it.  Advertising is another goal.  One of my etsyblogger teammates, Patch, has inspired me to work on my facebook page, and start advertising there.  Since social networks are so popular now, I think it might work.  Another attainable goal for me is getting more involved with a second etsy team. I belong to the First Friday Art Walk team (AWEteam) but haven't spent a lot of time with them.  The team blog's admin (pixiestreasurechest) is looking for members interested in guest posting.  I could do that!  Just last week, we sponsored a treasury with a purpose - 50% of each item's purchase price is going to raise funds for Etsy artist HaitianMetal.  

4. What would you have to do to reach your long term goals?
Most likely the answer everyone will have is "find more time!"  April says you need to be realistic.  Once the weather turns nice, I'll spend at least one weekend a month outside making paper.  And I need to spend more time on facebook, and get proficient; read some tutorials to see how others use it.  I  need to contact the AWEteam admin and ask what sorts of posts she's looking for.  Maybe she will be interested in this series?!    

Next week, we will look at even longer-term goals, which will involve a little more dreaming.  If you're blogging about developing your marketing plan, add a link or your url post in the comments.  It will be nice to see what others are thinking about.


BeadedTail said...

I so enjoy hearing about your goals and everything you are doing to make them become reality! I'm hoping to add more beadweaving items in my shop and I hope I can obtain this goal before May but I'm not so sure. Time keeps getting more and more limited for the next couple of months.

Linda Pruitt said...

Deb--This is so well though out! I am inspired! I did quite a bit of planning at the first of the year, and I am ticking off my list for January, but I really need to spend some time making a specific list for February!

Erika said...

The name for the shop is great and I like the look of the shelf.

Well, you know I like keeping track of goals. I want to work more on FB but it is just not my strength. That is one I really have to work at.

storybeader said...

I like the idea of lots of short term goals - they are so much easier to work with! Hopefully, I'll remember to make monthly goals in the future. Sounds like a good series, eh? lol {:-D

cindy said...

Hey, I like the new banner!

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