Friday, February 18, 2011

Facebook Friday - Impressions and Feedback

If you have a facebook fan page, have you noticed the line above the date (see above)  It reads:
 # Impressions -  % Feedback

If you don't see it, you're probably on your News Feed page.  You can see what I'm talking about if you go to your Wall.  I get to mine by clicking on my icon, in the upper left corner.  To see only your entries on your Wall, click on your fan page name (toogle off of Everyone - see below.)  My name is storybeader.

So here’s the numbers that I was talking about.  The number of Impressions measures: the views that appear on a user's news feed + the number of visits to your fan page + any Likes or Recommends.  These are considered RAW Impressions.  The RAW Impressions number is a bit misleading because every time a fan refreshes their facebook homepage, it is "rendered" as an Impression.  While not all users are necessarily viewing your story, Facebook made a request for it so it is rendered.  Not a very good count.

The other number, Feedback, measures the number of comments and likes.  Nothing else - not even your link clicks or video plays.  Again, not a very good measure.  What's good about the Feedback levels are, they can be used as a basic guide for seeing what content is popular with fans. If you do want to increase your Feedback percentage, you need to include stories that will provoke a comment.  Asking a question will also help in getting Feedback ... and having lots of friends looking at your page!  At the same time, if you have friends on Facebook, you should show your support and comment, or Like what they say.  Now I've heard that Feedback levels average about 0.10% but this number can vary.  So don’t be upset when you see such a low number. 

I think a much better number to look at is the Impression number after you scroll down the page a bit.  After one or two weeks pass, these Impression numbers should be much higher, showing you that people have been coming by your Fan Page and checking up on you.  That should make you feel better!


Erika said...

Thanks for the information, Deb.
How is Bonanza going?

SisterBatik said...


Thanks for explaining this - though we don't seem to get much traffic to our Facebook fan page and preferring blogging to be honest.

Found you through the Etsy Blog team - following you now and looking forward to reading more.

Here's ours - come and see us:

BeadedTail said...

Very interesting! I have so much to learn about Facebook!

tamdoll said...

Thanks for explaining this. I feel bombarded with statistics sometimes.

ReRe said...

I've never been able to figure out how to make and then find my own "fan page" in FB. Not only computer challenged, must be FB challenged too! :D

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