Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Strategy Session, Week 6 - updating our marketing plan

We begin Worksheet 3 in Week 6 - all about reviewing your current marketing plan.  If you're like me, I write down various activities I want to pursue, but don't have no plan.  April (from Blacksburg Belle) says, "Don't freak out if you don't have a marketing plan.  You should fill out this worksheet regardless of how you currently market your creative products and services.  This will help you pull everything together."  I'm planning to put my marketing plan in a 3-ring binder and add a sheet with monthly goals.  Everything together!  Then I can check off the goals, and reevaluate what didn't get done.  One of my goals for this month was to advertise on Project Wonderful.  Here's the storybeader on the Comfortable Shoes Studio

But back to April's worksheet...  

1.  Here's your chance to list what YOU do to market your products or services. 
I looked at the list April had, and divided it into three sections - A) what I do on a regular basis, B) what I've tried but don't do regularly, and C) what I don't do, but April and I have thought of. 

So take any of the items listed below to make your personal list!  Next week, we will take our lists and finish this worksheet.  If you've just joining us, this is a good place to start!  April notes, "If you use any of the things below as a way for customers to get to know you, you should include it."  As I've said before, writing things out on paper (or typing them on a computer, like I do) is a good way to collect your thoughts. 

A)  marketing activities that I do on a regular basis: 
Paying for advertising space (Project Wonderful)   
Using Entrecard to advertise
Using Facebook
Leaving comments on other blogs           
Participating in forums and chats           
Wearing my products
Selling in person (craft/trade shows)           
Sending out business cards with each purchase   
Giving away a free item with purchases       
Offering gift cards for sale
Teaching/Providing Tutorials/Sessions
Participate in Challenges and Prompts       
Belonging to online selling venues (Etsy, bonanza)
Selling products on consignment (in stores/museums/art centers)
Connecting with others in my niche (through etsy teams, ning, classes)
Including website/blog/twitter/facebook info in email signature
Getting to know other local artists/creative people in your area
Selling products directly from your blog

B) marketing activities that I've tried, but don't do regularly. 
Uploading photos on Flickr               
Selling on ebay
Conduct interviews
Hosting online carnivals
Hosting giveaways of your items on other blogs

C) more things that April and I thought of.  I haven't tried these marketing activities before, but you might:
Offering coupons to repeat customers                                    Podcasting       
Sending out press releases                                                    Video Blogging       
Submitting creative products to magazines                             Ads by Google
Sending out updates via a newsletter

Do you have some other activities that are not listed here?  Let us know!
Ani added: donating items to charitable organizations 


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I like your idea of keeping everything in a 3-ring binder. I love being able to mark tasks off a list :)

Judy Nolan said...

Once more, you have some great ideas here. Anytime I hear folks say that their sales are down, I think having a checklist for options such as what you have created here is a constructive way to do something about it.

BeadedTail said...

You have great ideas here! I have wondered about newsletters and discounts for repeat customers. I have gift certificates and have sold a few but I see other ideas I'll have to look into. Thanks for another great post!

Anitra Cameron said...

What a lot of really great ideas!

You use Entrecard. I signed up, a long time ago, but never really understood how or what it was about. Is if of help to you?

One more for the list: I have donated items to charitable organizations from time to time. You really don't get much of a tax deduction on it (just the cost of materials), so I look at it as advertising.

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