Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Strategy Session, Week 7 - narrowing your marketing tactics

Last week, I listed all the different marketing activities we might be using.  Maybe you thought of some I didn't list!  Now it's time to review our personal lists and choose which items are the most effective and what doesn't worked.

2.  How much time per day do you spend on your marketing tactics?  Be realistic and look at how much time you can set aside each day.   April (from Blacksburg Belle) is talking daily here!

jeremy hilary boob clock by OffHerRockerArt

I went round and round with this question, trying to decide what to say here.  Because I work full time, there's only early mornings and evenings for me to spend with my family and with my artwork.  April considers blogging and forum involvement as marketing tactics (to me, this feels more like being with friends {:-D)  So by her standards, I spend about 4 hours a day marketing, even more on the weekend.  I don't think I should spend any more time than that! 

3.  Note any items from your list that you can't stand doing.
I like everything that I do on my list; I guess that's why I spend so much time marketing.  If I had to choose something, I really don't like those face to face encounters - going into shops and asking people to sell my jewelry and journals.  But after I find someone willing to take my products, there's not much for me to do except reap the rewards.  Another thing is I don't really like setting up a borrowed tent at festivals.  But once I’m at a show, I generally have a good time.   

summer art festival by Connie Lawrie
4. Note the top five things from your list that you like doing or think you would like to do.

blogging {♥}
participating in challenges and prompts
belonging to online selling venues
participating in forums and threads
social networking - tweeting and using facebook

5.  Note any items from your list that you've tried that haven't helped your business.  April says some items would include, "blogging sporadically, tweeting once a month, participating in forums every couple of months and any other half-assed attempts at marketing don't count."
It's hard to tell what hasn't work.  None of the gift cards I've offered on Etsy have sold.  Maybe I should sell less expensive cards..  I decided to put a "custom orders" Treasure Necklace icon on my blog, so people would know I still make jewelry.  But nobody had approach me.  Maybe that's because I didn't have a contact address!  Whoops!  All my jewelry is now on a site called Bonanza - maybe I will add a "custom orders" card there...   
I hope this session has help you decide what things you should be spending time on.  And what you like and dislike to do.  April wants us to make our marketing activities fun, not a hassle.  If you want to review any of the Saturday Strategy Sessions, click here.  There is also a "strategy sessions" box in my right hand column.  Next week there will be three more questions and that will be the end of this series.   


BeadedTail said...

Another great post Deb! I like that my blogging is really marketing! I spend a lot of time bloggign but do make sales to my readers so it's worth it. I have sold several gift certficates and put in the description that I can sell different amounts but no one has asked me. I have also sold quite a few custom orders too so give it time, someone will ask!

TiLT said...

I need to do these strategy time is so floppy. Glad the forums with the bloggers is a good thing :) Although, with what they mean for marketing, entering into other threads may be more what they mean :P

wishing you the best with the custom orders...just when I think I'll never get one again - BAM! - one sneaks up...although there is a rather long time between sneaks :P

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Adding a custom listing to both of your shops would be a great idea. Most of the work I do is custom :)

Judy Nolan said...

I think it is good to evaluate where our time goes, and what marketing efforts actually work. Of course, some of that is really hard to evaluate, since sales resulting from blogging, for example, are likely indirect sales.

Erika said...

I agree with Sharla to be patient some one will ask! I think it might help that you will have a statement for others to read.

And I have tried to really scale back on the time I spend on the computer--it was just too much!

Duni said...

Hi Deb!

I spend two hours each morning on marketing - either blogging, active participation in forums and Etsy teams. Recently I started a mailing list too.
Like Erika I spend too much time on the computer and need to scale back!

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