Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Strategy Session, Week 8 - tweaking your marketing goals

We have come to the last personalized marketing session, filling out these Worksheets. It's time to pull things together. So come with me, as I tweak my marketing strategies. I’ll also include some hints and suggestions at how you can fix your own strategies.

6. Pull out your Worksheet 1 and reread your answers for the first 5 questions and question 10. Do you include this information in all areas of your marketing? If you don't, how could you incorporate your strengths, unique characteristics, values, brand identity and the problems that you solve for your customers in your marketing efforts. Really spend some time on this one.

 Online selling venues and social networks are great places to market your products.  My Etsy shop is the perfect place to attract casual visitors.  Since I’m most familiar with Etsy, I’m going to show you some thoughts about how to include marketing information in your shop.  

The first thing prospective buyers see when they visit an Etsy shop is the “Info and Appearance” at the top of the page.  That’s a good place to define your brand and tell people what problems you will solve for them.  Hopefully, you have lots of comments in the Feedback area.  Look through there and choose some quotes for a new blog sidebar (you might want to contact the commenter.)  And what’s your unique characteristic?  You should be including that in your item description! {:-D  That's one thing I do now.  All my haikus are part of my journal descriptions.  (At  festivals, I have my haikus on the sales tags!)  Your profile and policies sections are good places to tell potential customers about your values and strengths.  I don’t feel comfortable telling people how wonderful I am, but maybe I can say that I’m “talented and honest” somewhere else, because it's important to me.    
Haiku for Handmade Artist Notebook - Water's Edge
7.  Reread your answers from Worksheet 2 before moving on.  Which items from the list above [Week 6 - too long to list here] could you implement immediately to help you reach your short-term goals?

This question doesn’t make much sense, since I spread the worksheets out over eight weeks, not 3 days!  The short term (monthly) goals have already been completed.  Actually, one of the things on my list wasn’t completed, so I’ll add that to my March goals.  One of the things April emphasizes about a short-term goal is that it should be pleasurable!  I like that!  One goal on my February list was to redo my Etsy shop - that was fun!

8. Which marketing efforts will help you reach your long-term goals?
One of my long-term goals is to make my arts and crafts into a real business.  Storybeader doesn’t have money for high dollar festivals right now, so I need to concentrate on items that I can sell locally or place on consignment.  That means, in addition to my online shop, I need to pull myself out of my shell and visit local stores.  Maybe explore businesses outside my home town.  
Here are the three long term goals I wrote down:
1. make handmade paper and paper beads  
I am a big recycler, and love the idea of using shredded paper and magazines to make products.  Because this is new to me, I plan to look for potentially new customers, both online and off.  While I’m learning different techniques, I will visit forums and ask questions.  Maybe take some classes and visit with other artists.  These new products will be added to my Etsy shop over the coming months, and I will be hosting a few giveaways.  
2. work on my facebook page  
I’ve started my new blog series, “Facebook Friday” to help other beginners like myself  grapple with all the information about Facebook.  There’s always changes going on.  I need to pay special attention to my fan page, adding links and comments.  Maybe I’ll meet a whole new group of people.

3. get more involve with a specialized Etsy team 
Since my Etsy shop is entirely paper now, getting involved in a "paper goods" team will probably help me.  I’ve looked at a few teams, such as Etsy Paper, Etsy Papermakers Guild and Creative Paper Artists.   I need to decide where I would fit best.  If anyone on Etsy is involved with any of these teams, I’d love to hear about it.   

After question 8. (our VERY last question!) April tells us to “go back to your answer to question 4 on worksheet 3 [last week], and include those five things [that you like to do] in your marketing plan.”  
Here were my five things:

blogging {♥}
participating in challenges and prompts
belonging to online selling venues
participating in forums and threads
social networking - tweeting and using facebook

April separated her five things into daily, weekly, and monthly activities.  This is how my marketing plan turned out:

DAILY: Participate in forum discussions, List or renew online items, Spend 30 minutes on Twitter and Entrecard
WEEKLY: Blog at least 3 times a week, Facebook updates, Participate in prompts, Network with art journalists and other artists
MONTHLY: Participate in challenges, Review goals and marketing efforts, Pull photos together

That’s the end of the series!  I hope it was of some help to you and your business.  Probably in a years’ time, I’ll come back and update my marketing plan.  Come back and visit this series anytime.  There’s currently a link on my sidebar called “strategy sessions” if you want to view any or all of the eight sessions.  I’ll leave the link up for a few months.  If you’re interested in seeing April’s wrap-up, go to her website here


Judy Nolan said...

Deb, it sounds like this series of strategy sessions enabled you to prioritize how you will spend your time. I cannot wait to see how your shop will evolve over time, as a result of this analysis.

BeadedTail said...

This series has been very interesting and it looks like you've learned a lot. I've enjoyed going through it with you too and hope to be able to work on some of the strategies myself in a couple of months!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

These posts are very helpful Deb! They make me think about the specific things I need to do to make my biz a success :)

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