Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short-term Goals for March

Continuing with my business strategies....   Blacksburg Belle (aka April) recommended choosing three monthly activities for short term goals.  They should be doable and fun!  I've chosen three things that need to get done and need some attention.  Hopefully writing them down (and blogging about them) will give me some momentum:
1) Make and list paper beads on Etsy shop
2) Drop EC cards at least 3 times a week
3) participate in the Sketchbook Challenge  

I could stop right there and say, done! but I want to delve a little deeper into my goal setting.  When I look back at Week 4 of the Sat. Strategy Sessions, I see what helped me before in completing my goals:  asking “what do you have to do to reach your short-term goals?” 

*Paper Beads
I haven't made any of my own paper beads yet but did make some eyeglass holders with the beads I bought from an Etsy seller in Thailand.  So I need to write up a description and take some photographs.  Last month, I was going to make some art journals out of  comic books, but the paper was just too thin and glossy.  Maybe I'll try and use them for bead production. 

*Drop EC cards
This should be fairly easy to accomplish, since I like visiting the blogs who are my Entrecard friends.  Maybe I'll even meet new bloggers.  All I have to do is find the time!  I'll give myself 30 minutes for dropping.  I want to thank  all of you who do drop on my blog - it makes it that much easier to stay involved.  Right now, it's only 16 credits to advertise on Storyland, so come on by and purchase a spot!  Here's my top droppers for February:
JiMz Freebies      
Tomas' sketchbook    
The Beadings and Buttons of Randomcreative    
Scarborough Seashells
Moonangelnay on Etsy  
N.Fallon Design Studio  
entre heart   
Izile's Oddities
*Sketchbook Challenge
Jamie Fingal is the creator of this month's challenge; the theme: "Spilling Over".  I’ll try to complete two pieces.  Don't have any ideas at the moment, but something will surely come to mind!


BeadedTail said...

Those are great goals and I can't wait to see and read about your progress! My short term goals are to 1) make time for myself away from the computer, 2) get enough sleep without dreaming of tax returns or being woke up by a cat wanting treats at 3am, 3) be sure to take some strolls with Sadie!

Rachel B. said...

Found you on the etsy blog team!

Awesome goals! Mine are to catch up on my etsy orders (don't want to fall behind and keep people waiting!), waste less time online (soooo easy to get distracted!), and get to sewing myself some cute summer outfits! The sketchbook challenge looks neat--have fun!

Erika said...

Great goals. I thought you had made those beads--it will be great to see what you do create if you can find the right paper.

tamdoll said...

Paper beads are so much fun. I made a bunch a while back and have been procrastinating (surprise!) getting them into a project... a bracelet will be made one day!

It's so good to have reachable goals.

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