Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebook Friday - Creating a new page

Many people reading this post already have a Personal Page and/or a Business Fan Page on Facebook.  If you don't, or want to start a new page dealing with another facet in your life, Facebook has made it super easy.  

Here's the "Create a Page" link where you can start

 You have six choices when creating a page:
1) a local business or place
2) a company, organization or institution
3) a brand or product
4) an artist, band, or public figure
5) an entertainment
6) a cause or community

 Next step, name your page, and check the box that says "I'm the official representation of this ....."

The final step is to fill out some basic information on the "blank" Fan Page that comes up, choose a photo to upload, and add anything else you want to say.  Once your page is created, you can add other applications, join groups and play games.  The thing is, you have to visit and update your new page at least once a week, or it’s a waste of time.

For those who already have Personal and Business Fan Pages, you might want to invest some time in another page.  If you're an artist with several different shops online, consider addressing only one shop or aspect of your artwork.  

If you follow my blog or Etsy shop, you know that DH and I are making paper beads now.  I’ve been thinking about a Paper Beads Page here on Facebook; see what others are doing and advertise my items, under the Product Page.  But then, maybe I should start an Artist Page dealing with art journaling, something I’ve been very involved in.  I did a search last week in Groups, and no one is talking about this on Facebook.  I could introduce the blogs that I follow and magazines that I like.  Maybe link to tutorials, introduce kits, show off my journals.  The possibilities are endless.  All I need is more TIME! 


My Hideaway said...

I still haven't set up a facebook page for my shop, so this is a great reminder to me to do that. Thanks! Found you through the Etsy blog team:)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

TIME...the elusive time! Let me know if you find it :)
Thanks for the info on the new pages.

roseworksjewelry said...

Yah - if you find more time let me know ok???

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