Friday, April 8, 2011

Facebook Friday - syndicate your blog posts

Make your life easier - let Facebook automatically publish your blog posts onto your personal page.  The process is called Syndication.  Doesn't one less task in your day  sound like a good thing?  I'm trying to simplify my life, so I tried this technique.  And it works!  Hurray! 

To get started, log onto your Facebook account and locate the app "NetworkedBlogs" in the search box.

 Then follow these four steps to complete the connection.
1.  when you get to the app on your screen, click on the link to Register a blog.

You'll need to have your blog name, the URL and a short description.  Don't miss putting in three different categories or topics that relate to your blog, so that others can easily find you.  I used handmade, journal, and art.

2. after you register your blog, click on "Edit Details" to add your RSS feed address.  I'm not used to all the technical language, so I did a little research at this point.  The RSS feed distribute web content and news for you.  Most blog designs have the address you need to add at the bottom of the page, where it says: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

If you're using Firefox, right click on the "Posts (Atom)" and use "Copy link location"
Mine turned out to be:
If you're using Internet Explorer, right click on the "Posts (Atom)" and use "Copy shortcut"

Don't forget about this step, as it is what allows NetworkedBlogs to gather the details of your latest blog posts.

3.  Go back to your new Networked Blogs profile page and select Syndication, at the top right. 

This brings you to "Syndication Settings."  There will be a box at the top: "New Post from:"  Select the blog you want to manage.  After selecting your blog, the next few lines will indicate which Facebook pages your blog post will appear on.  If you click on "expand all" (to the right) it will give you more information.  Most important to look for is if your Syndication is enabled.   Below this information will be an example of what your comment will look like on your Facebook page.  I did a test blog, to see if it would work, and it did.

4.  Take a few minutes and fill out any additional details on your Networked Blogs profile page.  Just like any other online group, there's a "About Me" section that is handy to fill out. 

I suggest you arrange this syndication before your next blog post; then check your Facebook page after you blog, to see if everything worked ok.  You can also add a NetworkedBlog widget to your blog if you want.  Tell me how this all worked for you, if you want to try it out!


TiLT said...

I SO needed this!!! I did it once way back, but never did it for my other blog...and forgot how :P

randomcreative said...

Thank you for the advice! This is a great time saver. I will have to set it up. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Nancy said...

Ek...facebook has been so annoying for me because it takes me so long to figure things like this out! Thanks Deb!!! Although I have to say, I still can't get my work information on my personal page profile to save. I am in a fight with fb right now so i gave up!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

This would make having a fan page so much easier! Thanks!

randomcreative said...

Just following up to say that I set it up and it works beautifully! One less thing to worry about for my Etsy marketing. Thanks again, Deb!

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