Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Short-term Goals for April

I’ve found that writing down your goals throughout the month is a good way to make sure they get done.  Consider what happened to me this month:  I just returned from a five-day trip - didn’t get a chance to sit down and think about anything, before I had to go back to work.  And now it's the 5th!  Luckily, tonight I reached back into my “internet” notebook and found three things I wanted to get done in April.   My motto is
"ALWAYS keep paper handy, especially at your workstations."

To help me complete my goals, I'm going to take the advice from Sat. Strategy Session, Week 4 and answer the question: "What do you have to do to reach your short-term goals?"

 *Rearrange my Workspace
Luckily, DH nailed up some shelves for me while I was gone.  I plan to empty my deep desk drawers of all the bead containers.  Someone had said they organize their scrap paper and clippings by color, so I got these plastic "memory holders" for Michaels before I went away.  Yesterday, I put all my blue scraps into one.  I still need to move my large paper storage unit into the workroom, and fill the desk drawers with something new !

* Paper Beads
This is the second month that I have paper beads in my short range plans.  Last month I made four eyeglass chains and sold three.  There's one more left in my Etsy shop, and if it doesn't sell soon, I plan to keep it for myself.

I also dipped my toes in the bead-rolling pond, so to speak.  Now I know what to do.  I bought a new bead roller from JustJennDesignz and plan to make 100s of beads to put in my shop.  Hopefully, I won’t go crazy when it come to coating the paper beads with shellac or some other sealer.  And it also means I have to buy a new camera, since mine is dead.

*Art Journaling Workshop

At the Museum, we were all asked to look for different adult workshops that we could teach throughout the year.  I had two suggestions: paper beadmaking and art journaling.  I think the journaling workshop would be loads of fun, and I might be able to spend some time at work planning it out.  Journal girl has some neat looking workshops - I was thinking of taking her "Wish Journal Workshop" and see how it works!  Maybe the workshop will introduce some museum supporters to the journals I make.


Splendid Little Stars said...

good short term goals!
The journaling workshop sounds awesome! wish I could attend!

Erika said...

The goals are great! Teaching a workshop is a great move--it is something I have been thinking about for a while and you just made it that much easier for me to say it aloud!

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