Friday, April 29, 2011

Short-term Goals for May

It’s almost May, and I’m so busy.  Unfortunately for Storybeader, I work at the Museum five days a week.  That leaves me two short days to work on my artwork.  Writing down my short term goals helps keep me on track, once I do get time at home.  I recommend you do this too! 

This month is going to be a continuation of working on projects that I started last month.  So here’s my goals, and what I need to do to reach them:

While I was making my first art journal in April, I started to yearn for the coptic stitch journals that I used to make.  So that’s one of my goals - make a few different journals. I’ve realized that you need different tools when making art journals and coptic journals.  I was too rough on my awl and I broke it, so I need to buy another one.  And I’m going to look for a long reach hole punch which will come in handy for the art journals.

Even though I want to start making paper again, I’m not ready.  I know the weather will start getting too hot on our screened porch if I wait much longer.  But it’s still a mess out there.  So that  is one of my goals: clean up the porch.  And maybe I’ll tackle some of the back yard while I’m at it!

Continue making paper beads.  Hopefully, I can get 3 different sets finished in May.  They might not be 50 pieces per set, like I’ve done in the past.  I'd like to have a variety in my Etsy shop.  I’m also thinking of painting one set - that will be different!

There are my goals - what are your goals for May?


TiLT said...

Aside from survive? :P
I start at a craft market in May - so I need to make 10 backpacks and 10 handbags...that is my most specific goal.
I also want to make one piece of clothing a week...for myself for my new job.
And that is about all I can handle right now :)

Della said...

I want to complete some ceramics I bought, and make some new jewelry for the shop. I'd also like to get to the beach at least once in May!

I have to tell you that I love the wood floors, and wicker set in your screened porch! I have a white wicker set in mine :D

Erika said...

For me it seems like cleaning is always on the list!

randomcreative said...

Buying a house! March and April both had landslide views and hearts on Etsy for me. I've had consistent sales, too. I'm hoping that if I keep doing everything that I've been doing that will continue.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I hope you reach all of your goals in May! Your journal looks great and your beads are sure fun :) Cleaning is always on the list here!

My main goal is to get all of my items listed in my shop! I just want to keep creating, but I need to list what I already have! And I plan on talking to two other shops about consignment!

HarmlessColor said...

I like your journal making goal. Those look really neat.
My main goal is to make a cookbook (for a wedding present) using blurb!

roseworksjewelry said...

Learn to do some celtic knot work :) That's my goal!

tamdoll said...

You are certainly busy!
I guess setting goals for May would help me reach them, right?
I have to make a zombie wedding cake topper for my cousin.
I will make a bunch of wallets and cell phone cozies to sell locally.
I will make upcycled fabric bags to sell locally and bracelet cuffs for my etsy shop.
Now that I've written them here, maybe I will hold myself to them instead of just a list written on my calendar!

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