Sunday, April 10, 2011

A walk down memory lane to the public library

Every child should experience a Christmas Club account and a library card when they are young.  I was lucky enough to have both!  I learned the importance of saving my money, and appreciated philanthropists who believed in public libraries.  The funds from the estate of Andrew Carnegie helped build the public library in the town where I grew up.  I've been told it took 17 years to build, starting in 1900, and is one of 36 Carnegie libraries built in New Jersey. In 1964, the library was replaced by a newer building, right next door.  This is the library I remember best.

Having a library card is so important.  It teaches young people that with a little effort, they can be entertained, learn about the world, and be part of their community.  I hope everyone who reads this has a library card.  And if you don't, it's never too late to get one!

I was so delighted to be able to take out more than one book at a time.  What a treat!  When I was old enough to have my own card, I would proudly show it at the Circulation desk with my pile of books.  As a grew older, I spent time in the library writing papers for school and visiting with friends.  I loved to be surrounded by books...a true librarian in the making!

Now I live in Lawton, Oklahoma.  There's a Carnegie Library building here too.  It was built in 1922 and like my hometown, urban renewal plans decided a new library was needed in the 1960s.  Currently available as a meeting space, the old building was saved from destruction by concerned citizens.  It was placed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1976.  What a cute building it is, standing on the corner close to the old downtown.

Here's an old postcard of what the building looked like, when it was first built.  Pretty good job of preservation, don't you agree?

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I always participated in the Summer Reading Program our library put on each year. I loved to read as a child!
I think all the reading I had to do in college burned me out, because I can't read anything more than a magazine anymore!

Erika said...

This past summer I signed the kids up for the reading program at the library. They are still too young to read but already they love going to the library and pretending to read. I actually get really excited when I see their excitement about the library.

BeadedTail said...

Those are great looking libraries! I always loved to go to the library as a kid too and my aunt was our grade school librarian and she did a lot to get us all excited about reading too.

Janet Bocciardi said...

I love the older libraries like the Carnegie's. They have so much character and add to the whole experience I think. I also wrote about Carnegie libraries as we have a beautiful one in our town.

I can't imagine our children not having the experience of the Public Libraries... hope it never goes away. I think it encourages a love for reading.

tamdoll said...

I remember always needing to do homework and research at the library - now my kids use the internet for so much! At least we all still like to read books a lot and go to the library often.

It's great that people value the buildings and that yours has been preserved - thanks for sharing!

vibrams said...

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